The Strongest War God – Chapter 735

Chapter 735: Someone Delivered a World-Shocking Treasure

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Although her aura was very weak, her being able to survive was evidence of her power.

The vitality she possessed was not something that ordinary people could imagine!

Compared to Sadie Dudley, an ordinary pinnacle expert was like what an ordinary person was to a super pinnacle.

The two were completely different.

Sadie opened her cherry lips and said weakly, “Duke Lowe came to invite you down the mountain?”

“Yes, he’s a little annoying. I didn’t control my killing intent just now and almost killed him!” Because Sadie had woken up, Braydon Neal’s face revealed a long-lost bright smile.

In front of Sadie, Braydon was like a little brother in front of the sister next door.

Sadie said softly, “Leave the mountain. You are the son of Hansworth. You have things to do.”

“I’ll go back after I’ve healed you!” How could Braydon abandon Sadie at this time?

The siblings chatted casually.

Braydon looked relaxed, but he only had one goal. He wanted to cure Sadie at all costs.

The most troublesome injury at the moment was the penetrating wound on Sadie’s abdomen.

The wound caused by the national fate heavenly blade contained extremely powerful national fate.

It would not be easy to completely expel this power.

However, if the wound did not heal, Sadie’s injuries would worsen.

Braydon sat in front of the bed, gently unbuttoning Sadie’s white muslin clothes and revealing her undergarments. Her flat abdomen and her skin were as smooth as cream, and there was a vertical wound that was seven centimeters long.

The hideous wound was still bleeding.

Braydon placed his fair left hand on her lower abdomen. A warm white light covered the entire wound.

Instantly, Sadie could feel that the pain in her wound had greatly subsided.

Braydon silently activated the power of his eight techniques to heal her.

Sadie felt much better. She slowly wanted to get up, but Braydon pushed her down by the shoulder and forced her to lie on the bed.

“Your injuries are too serious. You need to rest more!”

Braydon reached out and gently brushed her lustrous earlobe. He was not reprimanding her. Instead, it was like a younger brother taking care of an older sister next door.

Braydon, whose brows were filled with tenderness, wanted to cure Sadie.

Sadie tilted her head and looked at the serious Braydon. She suddenly burst out laughing.

She laughed sweetly, causing the man to be in a daze.

Braydon had grown up by Sadie’s side and was already used to the girl’s appearance.

However, the number of times Sadie smiled every year could be counted on one hand.

“Sadie, what are you laughing at?” Braydon asked helplessly.

“I’ve been taking care of you since you were young. I’ve never seen you take care of anyone else!”

Sadie’s soft voice revealed a different kind of emotion.

Perhaps only this girl would find this kind of thing interesting.

Actually, it was not difficult to understand.

Braydon joined the Northern Army at the age of seven and grew up in Mount Bliz. It was the girl in front of him who took care of his daily needs.

At the very least, there was still Lilith Jean.

For more than ten years, both of them had lived like this.

However, who would have thought that the situation would be reversed today?

Sadie, who was so powerful that she made the pinnacles of the hundred countries afraid, was lying on a sickbed and needed someone to take care of her.

This person happened to be King Braydon, whom Sadie had taken care of since she was young.

“I’ll take care of you for the rest of my life!”

Braydon said gently. He placed his left hand on her abdomen and used the strength of the eight techniques to warm her body and heal her wounds.

It was effective, but very weak!

It could only make Sadie feel better. It could not even stop her injuries from worsening.

Sadie liked to be quiet. Like Braydon, she faced many things in the world with an indifferent attitude.

However, this did not mean that Sadie, who was close to being an immortal, did not understand the world!

Sadie’s cherry lips opened slightly, and she persuaded gently, “Duke Lowe came to invite you personally. You shouldn’t have rejected him. Hansworth belongs to everyone in Hansworth, but the people of Hansworth belong to you!

“You’ve carried ten layers of the country’s fate, opened the Qilin ranking, and been conferred the title of Garrison King. You hold great power in Hansworth. Other than your teacher, Julius Yanagi, you have the final say in many things in the world!

“More importantly, you are the son of Hansworth and the young leader of the people of Hansworth. This identity is even more terrifying than the young master of Kylo!

“In the future, if a strong person wants to kill you, there will definitely be an old antique who will jump out to help you!”

Sadie said faintly.

As the master of Kylo, this girl must know a lot of secrets.

The Hanlon Dynasty had stood tall in the world for thousands of years and had produced many world- shaking talents.

Even Braydon would not be able to list them out.

Countless old fellows cultivated in seclusion in the deep mountains and forests. Outsiders could not find their traces. They had no desires and focused on cultivating martial arts.

However, there was no doubt that many of these old antiques had not forgotten their identities.

They were the descendants of Hansworth!

The mark passed down by the ancestors was indelible.

Even if they died, this branding would be with them.

If they forgot, it would be like betrayal.

From the moment Braydon was at the peak of Mount Tanish, the news had already leaked.

The news spread to the hundred countries outside the borders. Many old fogies in Hansworth received the news immediately and recognized Braydon’s identity.

This identity was what Sadie had mentioned.

At this moment, Braydon gently smiled at Sadie’s words. He slowly stood up and said, “Sadie, let’s not talk about this anymore. There’s no more Northern

King Neal in this world!”

This was Braydon’s attitude, and there was almost no room for negotiation.

Sadie frowned slightly. She realized that Braydon was not acting out of spite but had already decided on this matter.

She knew her younger brother’s character the best.

However, Braydon no longer wanted to talk about this topic.

Sadie was seriously injured, and her life was hanging by a thread. It was already a miracle that Braydon did not implicate anyone else.

If Braydon really went crazy, he would vent his anger on the world.

With Braydon’s power, if he vented his anger on the world…

One could imagine what kind of storm it would cause.

No one would even dare to think about such things.

Because if Braydon really went crazy, with the prestige of the Northern King and the power he secretly controlled, he already had the ability to cause chaos in the world!

To be precise, he had the power to overturn the world and rebuild the universe.

Therefore, Braydon had warned his teacher, Martial Emperor Yanagi, and the others, and he had also reminded the top powers of the hundred countries outside the borders.

They had better pray that Sadie would not die.

If this girl died…

All foreign countries must be buried with her.

Braydon would choose to kill everyone for her.

At that time, Braydon would no longer listen to any of the capital’s orders, no longer listen to anyone’s persuasion. He would lead the Northern Army million cavalry, cross the border, and charge into the surrounding hundred countries.

At that time, the cold sword would not return to its sheath until it had slaughtered all the enemies!

In front of the wooden house, Braydon gently raised his left hand and looked at Sadie’s flat abdomen. Her skin was like jade, and the obvious wound on her abdomen had not healed at all.

Braydon’s eyes turned cold as he exhaled, “Lilith, come in here!”

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