The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6483

  Nanako did not try to forget everything and abandon the seven emotions and six desires as Master Jingqing said. She just subconsciously thought: “Master Jingqing said that you cannot jump directly into this sea of ​​​​consciousness, but you must integrate into it. Then Does this mean that divine consciousness and sea of ​​consciousness are inherently fusionable? The only difference is that some people have mastered the way of fusion, but some people never get it?”

  Thinking of this, Nanako’s heart suddenly moved: ” The Sea of ​​Consciousness is in my body, in my Purple Mansion, so it should understand me best. It must know that it is impossible for me to abandon the seven emotions and six desires. If so, it will require me to abandon the seven emotions and six desires in order to be with it. Integration, then this itself becomes an unsolvable paradox…”

  ”Does this mean that my consciousness has no chance to integrate with it?”

  ”If that is the case, I will not be able to integrate with it in this life. Maybe enlightenment.”

  At this moment, Nanako’s consciousness fell into the quiet and picturesque sea of ​​consciousness again.

  The powerful impact smashed her consciousness into the depths of the sea of ​​​​consciousness, and Nanako’s consciousness was severely damaged again. The entire consciousness had no strength to resist.

  Then, the huge pressure from the sea of ​​consciousness swept over her again, and her consciousness was about to rush towards the sea.

  Ito Nanako was a little desperate at this time. It was not that two failures made her give up, but she knew herself. Even if she could let go of her deceased mother and her father who had recovered from health and was enjoying his old age, she could not let go. Next charlie Wade.

  Her new life was given to her by charlie Wade.

  At this moment, although she was still being pushed to the surface by the sea of ​​consciousness, she felt ready to struggle and resist for the first time.

  Her consciousness couldn’t help but silently mutter: “If I never realize the truth, I will die one day. Death is not terrible. My mother passed away long ago, and my father will also pass away before me. What about charlie Wade? There must be someone. Accompany him to go on, right? If so, then I hope that the person who accompanies him to go on is me!”

  At this thought, her consciousness couldn’t help but become excited. She struggled hard and tried to dive deep to fight against the sea of ​​consciousness. While feeling buoyant, he said loudly in his subconscious: “I know! I know that charlie Wade is a married man, and I also know that falling in love with a married man is shameful and morally lacking, but I just love him deeply, no matter what. I can’t stop loving him!”

  ”I can’t destroy charlie Wadejun’s marriage and family, but I don’t want to give up the opportunity to be with him. This is as contradictory as you need me to abandon my emotions and desires, but I can’t do it at all!”

  ” However, there is still a chance to resolve all these contradictions. If you and I can become one and let me successfully achieve enlightenment, I will also have the opportunity to seek a longer life. As long as I can survive, I can keep waiting. Eight I don’t care if it takes ten years, one hundred years, or even two hundred years!” “

  So, don’t try to push me out!”

  In an instant, Nanako swam desperately toward the depths of the sea of ​​consciousness.

  In order to resist the ubiquitous buoyancy of the sea of ​​consciousness, Nanako exhausted almost all her energy to fight against it. She was like a marathon runner who exhausted all her strength in the competition. Her legs had lost all strength and could not even stand up. At this time, I was still moving forward mechanically.

  As she continued to resist desperately, she felt that her consciousness was gradually blurring in the resistance, just like the blackout that divers fear most, her consciousness was gradually blurring.

  At this moment, her consciousness suddenly stagnated in the sea of ​​consciousness.

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