The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6484

  The huge buoyancy of the sea of ​​consciousness seemed to disappear instantly at this moment.

  Originally, her consciousness was like a bubble, pushed to the surface of the sea by the buoyancy force.

  But now, her consciousness is being squeezed crazily by the sea of ​​consciousness, and the pressure and buoyancy have actually reached a delicate balance in the sea of ​​consciousness.

  Nanako’s consciousness had almost been lost, but at this moment, she was still instinctively trying her best to continue diving.

  The original delicate balance was instantly broken, and her consciousness seemed to lose all buoyancy and began to slowly fall deeper.

  All her consciousness gradually disappeared, and then the world fell into a dark silence, and even her consciousness had completely disappeared.

  I don’t know how long it took, but a small light spot suddenly appeared in the dark sea of ​​consciousness. As soon as this light spot appeared, it quickly sank to the bottom. Immediately afterwards, more light spots inexplicably appeared in the sea of ​​consciousness. These light spots Like small cells, they all began to converge towards the bottom of the sea of ​​consciousness.

  Nanako Ito, who had lost all consciousness, suddenly woke up. After waking up, before she opened her eyes, she felt that the entire Buddhist hall seemed to be in front of her, and she seemed to be outside, overlooking the entire temple from a God’s perspective. Buddhist temple.

  She could see that in the Buddhist hall, Master Jingqing was looking at her while silently reciting scriptures, his expression seemed a little anxious, but she was still sitting cross-legged on the futon, as motionless as a wax figure.

  At this time, she felt an unusual commotion on the roof of the Buddhist hall, so she thought slightly, and her consciousness came to the unusually turbulent roof, where she saw a gecko cautiously approaching a fly. , and then, the gecko suddenly stretched out its tongue and rolled the fly into its mouth at an extremely fast speed.

  At this moment, Nanako could even hear the sound of a gecko swallowing a fly.

  Then, she felt a subtle rustling sound again, and with a thought, she came to the corner of the Buddhist hall and saw a row of ants crawling in line.

  This wonderful feeling surprised Nanako. She couldn’t help but want her consciousness to leave the Buddhist hall, but her spiritual consciousness could not leave the Buddhist hall at all.

  Just when she was doubting, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head. Then, the God’s perspective completely disappeared. The next moment, she opened her eyes, and her consciousness returned to herself.

  However, what was different from the last failure was that when she woke up this time, Nanako felt refreshed and indescribably comfortable.

  Seeing her open her eyes, Master Jingqing breathed a sigh of relief and said subconsciously: “The donor has been in meditation for more than ten minutes this time, which is much longer than last time. I wonder how it feels?” δんuioubα

  Nanako said truthfully: “How does it feel? It seemed like the soul could leave the body, but the feeling disappeared after not lasting too long. I don’t know if it was an illusion.”

  Master Jingqing nodded: “The soul leaving the body is actually using spiritual energy to sense the surroundings. This is a successful enlightenment. It can only be realized later. People like poor monks who have no aura and cannot leave the sea of ​​consciousness simply don’t have this ability. Even the donor must have been too tired and hallucinating just to try it twice in a row.”

  Nanako nodded slightly and was about to speak. Suddenly, there was a slight movement on the roof. She quickly looked up and saw a gecko chasing a spider. The gecko seemed to be the one she had just seen from God’s perspective.

  She stared closely at the gecko and couldn’t help but say: “It seems…it’s not an illusion…”

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