The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6487

To consecrate and bless an amulet is actually to have the mage personally recite sutras to give the amulet its so-called magical power.

  Of course, this kind of magic power is not magic power in the true sense, but more of a kind of merit and beautiful meaning.

  After Master Jingqing consecrated the amulet and blessed it, he handed the amulet back to Nanako and said, “Please keep the amulet. If the donor is interested in the future, he can study more Buddhism. With the donor’s talent, he will definitely be able to understand it.” Many modern people cannot understand the truth!”

  Nanako knew that Master Jingqing was obsessed with studying Buddhism, so she nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Master, I will definitely try to see more.”

  ”Amitabha.” Master Jingqing bowed slightly and said to Nanako Thank you.

  Nanako also bowed respectfully, and then said goodbye to Master Jingqing. Master Jingqing walked her to the door and opened the door of the Buddhist hall himself.

  When I opened the door, there were already several “believers” waiting under the stone steps outside. These believers were holding amulets obtained from the Dharma Material Circulation Office and queuing up to wait for Master Jingqing to consecrate them. The first one in the queue was a A woman dressed simply and wearing a mask, whose age is indistinguishable.

  This woman is Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ).

  From the moment Nanako went out, Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) could tell that she had become enlightened. While he was surprised, he couldn’t help but feel extremely relieved.

  As she and Sister Sun said, Nanako successfully attained enlightenment, and charlie Wade would have a close companion during the long journey of spiritual practice. This was of great and far-reaching significance to the lonely walker on the long journey.

  When Nanako passed by Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ), she didn’t pay much attention to the woman wearing a mask, because standing in line behind Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) was the young woman Nanako met in the elevator.

  Nanako recognized her at the first sight, and her attention was completely attracted to her, so she didn’t even notice Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ).

  At this time, the young woman was accompanied by another woman of similar age. The two were whispering to each other. When the woman saw Nanako coming out, she said in surprise: “Ah, it’s you!”

  Nanako nodded slightly to her, Thanks: “I just asked Master Jingqing for an amulet. Thank you so much!”

  The woman smiled and said: “You’re welcome, it’s just a little effort.”

  Nanako saw that she had friends around her, so she didn’t talk to her anymore. After saying thank you again, he said goodbye and left.

  The woman also enthusiastically invited her to visit her home, and Nanako simply agreed.

  When Nanako left, Master Jingqing happened to instruct the next ‘believer’ to enter the Buddhist hall, so Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) stepped in.

  After the door of the Buddhist hall was closed, she asked Master Jingqing: “Jingqing, what do you think of Miss Ito just now?”

  Master Jingqing sighed softly and said with emotion: “Madam, Jingqing is really ashamed to meet Miss Ito. In the process, the Buddha’s heart was disturbed several times. Once he wanted to introduce Miss Ito to Buddhism, once he thought that abandoning the seven emotions and six desires was the key to enlightenment. Once again, it was after Miss Ito’s prompting that Jingqing realized that all this time, I had actually It is based on the foundation of Taoism to achieve the understanding of Buddhism. If Miss Ito had not reminded me, I would have attributed everything to Buddhism…”

  Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) smiled and said: “Miss Ito is indeed very smart, and this girl has a frank and persevering character. , for someone like you who likes to persuade people to worship Buddha, her frankness has become a weapon that can destroy everything, and her perseverance is even more incomprehensible to you.

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