The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6489

  The next day before dawn, he got up quickly. After getting dressed and packed, he personally took a helicopter and set off towards Ottawa in the night.

  He planned to go to Canada in person to bring Helena, the Queen of Northern Europe, to New York.

  In the early morning, Helena took a blood-dispersing and heart-saving pill that charlie Wade gave her and boarded the Rothschild family’s helicopter.

  The reason why charlie Wade was relieved that Helena would go to New York alone was because the Rothschild family had unparalleled strength and influence in the United States. This influence was enough to allow Helena to enter the United States quietly without being accessed by any third party. Get the news.

  More importantly, charlie Wade knew that Sara was suspicious and cautious by nature. She was in New York and would never dare to take action against the Rothschild family. Moreover, in the process of blocking New York, the Rothschild family accidentally integrated the AI With this high technology, the security strength has been greatly improved. With Sara’s character, she does not dare to take risks easily.

  After a flight of about two hours, the helicopter landed on the top floor of Rothschild Manor Medical Center.

  Staring at a pair of dark circles and thick bags under his eyes, Steve happily took Helena to the special care ward where Howard Rothschild was.

  Howard in the ward also didn’t sleep all night.

  When he thought that today was the day when he would hand over control of his family, he naturally felt extremely unwilling to do so.

  The patriarchs of these big families in the United States almost never hand over the baton to their sons until the last moment of their lives. If Howard hadn’t suffered a stroke and his pride prevented him from showing himself like this, even if he was paralyzed and lying on the hospital bed, he would still be there. Will continue to run the Rothschild family.

  Now, no matter how unwilling he is, he can only give up his position as the helm of the family to his eldest son Steve.

  If it weren’t for the Rothschild family’s two- to three-hundred-year-old royal complex, Howard would not have been able to meet the Nordic Queen Helena when he was crooked. Today, before handing over the baton, he met Helena and got closer to the Nordic royal family. The last thing he did for the family as the current patriarch of the Rothschild family was to build relationships and strive to integrate a royal bloodline into the Rothschild family.

  At this time, Howard, with the help of medical staff, had put on a neat and elegant top-notch suit and was half-lying on the hospital bed waiting.

  When Steve brought Helena into the ward, Howard looked at the young, beautiful and dignified Helena in front of him, and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: “Royal blood may not be so outstanding in terms of making money, but the nobility in the heart is really very good.” It’s amazing, if the Rothschild family can introduce such a bloodline, it will also bring shame to the descendants of the family!”

  The mentality of the Rothschild family is very similar to the wealthy people in Hong Kong and other countries around the world who prefer entertainment stars.

  They also know that those celebrities in the entertainment industry are actually nothing special. They want money but no money, and no power. They just have good looks and good temperament. In terms of strength, they may not even be able to compare with a hair from a wealthy family.

  But I can’t help but these rich people just like these entertainment stars.

  It’s even more than just liking it, it’s super loving, the kind of love that will kill you.

  After all, the Rothschild family’s class is much better than these ordinary rich people, so what they love most is not the stars of the entertainment industry, but the royal family of the European aristocratic circle.

  When Helena saw Howard, an old man who almost controlled the most wealth in the world, she was not at all nervous. After all, she had seen the big world on Yeling Mountain and knew that the power of absolute strength could not be compared with money, so in her eyes , Howard is a head shorter than charlie Wade.

  So, she looked at Howard and said with a smile, neither humble nor condescending: “Hello Mr. Rothschild, I am Helena Iliad, the current Queen of the Nordic Royal Family. I am here to represent the Nordic Royal Family to you. and the entire Rothschild family, sincere regards.”

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