The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6490

 The more Helena is neither humble nor arrogant, and always maintains the confidence and generosity of a royal noble, the more Howard admires her in his heart.

  As almost the richest man in the world, Howard knew that many people in this world would always bow down to money, and very few people could maintain this attitude after seeing him.

  Because of his appreciation, Howard also had a little more respect. While struggling to sit up straighter, he said: “Her Majesty… Her Majesty, can you… can you come to the Rothschild family to be… a guest? , is… is… the… honor… honor of… the entire… Rothschild family.”

  Helena smiled and nodded, and then said: “I heard that Mr. Rothschild has some physical problems. , so I made a special trip to visit. I wonder how Mr. Rothschild is doing and feeling now?”

  Howard said somewhat dejectedly: “The doctor said… that I… had some signs of… a stroke. In the future… some time in the future, I…I may have to…focus…on rehabilitation…later…I will…call a meeting…with all the…members of…the Rothschild family… …is…officially announcing…that Steve has become…the next…the next head of the family…and…also please…Her Majesty the Queen…to witness…”

  Steve on the side … Her husband felt happy in his heart, but his face was still extremely sad as he said: “Father… I believe… I believe you will recover as before!”

  Helena turned around and looked at Steve, seeing that he was sincere and sincere. , looking like he was about to shed tears, smiled slightly, nodded and said: “Sir, I think the same as you. I believe that Mr. Rothschild will be able to recover as before, and even be healthier than before.” “

  That’s right!” Steve The husband nodded repeatedly and blurted out: “Her Majesty the Queen said so, I believe God will definitely have a miracle come!”

  When he said this, Steve was complaining in his heart: “Bah, bah, bah! I’m just being polite, Helen. Na, you’d better not be too talkative at this critical stage!”

  Howard felt a little more comforted when he saw his son showing his true feelings.

  At this moment, he comforted himself in his heart: “Let’s simply accept the reality. In the future, we will do our best to recover, and maybe we will have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy old age…”

  Thinking of this, he trembled and said: ” Her Majesty the Queen… I… on behalf of the Rothschild family, I sincerely send a request for a… marriage to the Northern… Nordic royal family… if… if you are willing to… …Marry into the Rothschild family… The Rothschild family will also… go all out… to support… to help… to help the Nordic emperor… to revitalize the royal family…”

  Steve on the side When my husband heard this, he felt even more happy.

He is about to succeed the patriarch of the Rothschild family. Once he becomes the patriarch, his eldest son Royce will become the next heir of the family. At that time, his life-long events will become a major event that attracts everyone’s attention. event.

  If at this time, the old man can use his sincerity and influence to make Helena agree to marry the Rothschild family, then this Nordic queen, the best and only reasonable choice of spouse for the Rothschild family, must be His own son Royce.

  By that time, he had become the patriarch of his family, and his son had married the Queen of Northern Europe. This popularity would probably be unparalleled in the whole world!

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