The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6491

  At this moment, Howard was really looking forward to getting Helena’s affirmative answer. Once she agreed and married into the Rothschild family, it would be equivalent to making up for the only shortcoming of the Rothschild family in the past two hundred years.

  Helena naturally sneered at Howard’s proposal in her heart and did not consider it at all. However, when she thought of the task that charlie Wade had given her, she said with some embarrassment: “Mr. Howard, I am here to visit you. I have considered these issues… Your sudden proposal really caught me off guard.”

  Howard said quickly: “Her Majesty the Queen… this… this proposal is not… effective in a short period of time, you… …You can take the exam well…think about it, no matter…whether it’s three years…or five years, the Rothschilds…the Rothschild family…are willing to wait…”

  Helena pursed her lips, He looked at Howard and then at Steve, deliberately acting like he was hesitant to speak.

  An old fox like Howard, whose body is hemiplegic but whose brain is still flexible, looked at his son Steve and said: “Shi… Steve, you… you and the doctor… the doctor… go out first, I… …I want to have a chat…alone with Her Majesty the Queen.”

  Steve knew that this was the old man trying to help his son work harder, so he blurted out without thinking: “Okay father!”

  After that, He quickly asked the doctor to leave, and before leaving, he did not forget to say to Howard: “Father, there is still enough time. You can chat slowly with Her Majesty the Queen. I will ask everyone outside to keep an absolute distance of more than 20 meters. You can Don’t worry.”

  Howard nodded with satisfaction, then flicked the back of his hand at him twice to signal him to go out.

  Steve slammed the door shut, and quickly blasted everyone outside twenty meters away, including himself.

  Seeing that everyone had left, Helena immediately went straight to the point, looked at Howard on the hospital bed, and said, “Mr. Howard, actually, the main purpose of my coming today is to do a business with you.”

  Howard didn’t know that she was He Yinyi thought that Helena herself wanted to marry into the Rothschild family, and use this as a bargaining chip to obtain more favorable conditions from herself.

So he said without thinking: “As long as the Queen… Her Majesty the Queen is willing… willing to marry… the Rothschild family… all the conditions are arbitrary!”

  Helena shook her head, very… He said calmly: “I have no plans to marry into any family, not now, and never in the future. Although I have succeeded the Queen of Northern Europe, my personal marriage has nothing to do with the Nordic royal family. I will only marry for love in the future. , or just don’t get married at all, there is no third possibility, so Mr. Howard will no longer have to talk about marriage from now on.” Howard did not

  expect Helena to reject him so simply. His confidence and self-righteousness just now , were all slapped in the face instantly, which made him feel a little angry. 

  He said with a bit of anger: “Since Her Majesty the Queen… is not willing to marry the Rothschild family… then you… you came today… do you still want to marry… …are you talking… about cooperation with the Rothschild family? You… you are not… not qualified enough!”

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