The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6492

  Without waiting for Helena to answer, he added: “Don’t… don’t tell me… you… You simply want to come… to visit me. If you just… just visit, you… you are even… less qualified!”

  Seeing that he was getting angry, Helena was not angry at all, but smiled and said: “Mr. Howard, I am the current Queen of Northern Europe. Two hundred years ago, your ancestors had to curtsy when they saw my ancestors. Now if you see me in public, you still have to bow to me just like your ancestors did to my ancestors. Curtsey, otherwise, the world will definitely say that you do not respect the royal family, but they will not say that I am not qualified to accept your curtsey.”

  Howard was a little angry at once. Regarding the etiquette issue, Helena was right. In the upper class of Europe, , even if the respect for the royal family is only superficial, it must be observed once in public places, otherwise it will inevitably be criticized by European and American society. Even the former president will be ridiculed by the whole society if there is a problem with etiquette when meeting the Queen of Britain. Make complaints.

  Howard, who was extremely depressed, yelled angrily: “This… this is… the Rothschild… manor! It’s not… it’s not a public place! I… I can expel you out at any time… at any time!

  ” Suddenly, Howard wanted to ring the bell immediately and ask someone to drive Helena away.

  Seeing that Howard was obviously angry, Helena was not angry, but smiled and asked: “Mr. Howard, if I say that I have a way to make you recover immediately, and even make you healthier than before the stroke, then you can come again Tell me, am I qualified to stand here and discuss cooperation with you?”

Howard scoffed when he heard Helena’s words.

  He asked angrily: “My… Rothschild… family… has the best… medical… medical team in the world… none of them… dare to say… such things… …You…why…why?”

  Helena smiled and said: “Your team can’t cure your disease, but I can.”

  After saying that, Helena took out charlie Wade from the handbag she carried with her. He took the blood-dispersing and heart-saving elixir and said to Howard: “This elixir comes from the ancient and mysterious East. As long as you take it, you can recover as before. In order to dispel your concerns, I can give it to you for free before we discuss the terms.” Take one-tenth of it so that you can really feel its effect, and then we can talk about the price calmly.”

  Howard said with a look of disdain without any thought: “I…I won’t…won’t Believe… believe in this crude… vulgar pill! This… this kind of rubbish… has no… any scientific… scientific basis!”

  Helena said disdainfully: “If you believe in science, why are you still afraid of breaking the law? Qing Hui? It’s more scientific than science. Will they be your opponents of the Rothschild family?”

  Howard was a little dull for a moment.

  He only knew that the Po Qing Society was mysterious, ancient, powerful and cruel, but he couldn’t quite figure out what the real core of this organization was.

  As for cultivating Taoism, he, like most Westerners, does not believe in it at all.

  Seeing that he didn’t know how to refute, Helena continued: “Mr. Rothschild, let me tell you the truth.

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