The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6493

From the beginning to the end, I have never had the idea of ​​getting closer to the Rothschild family, let alone marriage. I have no interest in being friends;”

  ”And the reason why I’m here today is entirely just to discuss this business with you, so you don’t have to doubt my motives. Since I’m here in person, I’m not the only one who’s responsible for this. Personal honor, as well as the reputation of the Nordic royal family, so I can’t harm you.”

  After saying that, she took a water glass from Howard’s bed and saw that there was still about a quarter of the water in it, so she used another cup of her own. Using a leaf-shaped brooch, scrape off about one-tenth of the blood-dispersing and heart-saving elixir and put it into a cup to melt it.

  As soon as Howard saw her movements, he guessed that she was going to do something hard, and said nervously: “You… what are you going to… do! I… I’m warning you not to… don’t mess around! I… If I have… any three… three longs and two shortcomings… the Rothschild family… the family will never forgive you!”

  Helena chuckled and asked him: “Mr. Rothschild thinks that I harmed you, right? Is there any benefit for me? If you die, not a single cent of your trillions of assets will go into my pocket. I will also bear legal responsibility and infamy for your death. How can I, the majestic Queen of Northern Europe, let myself be reduced to this? To such a situation?”

  Howard knew that what she said was reasonable, but looking at the movements of her hands, he still said with some fear: “Then…then you…then you get that…that pill…is it… What should I do…?”

  Helena said calmly: “Of course I’ll let you drink it first. You stutter too much, and it’s really hard to communicate with you. Drink these medicines, and we’ll ease up on your stuttering. Communicate, this can also save you some energy, don’t you think?”

  After saying that, Helena came to Howard’s bedside, saw his frightened face, and said: “I’m sorry, Mr. Rothschild, our Nordic royal family usually My acting style is very dignified. I am a little rude today just to save you time. Please be considerate.”

  Howard was frightened and said in panic: “You…you don’t want to pass…don’t come over…”

  As he said, I just want to reach out and ring the calling bell.

  However, Howard had a stroke after all, and his body was already hemiplegic. To put it bluntly, he couldn’t even hold a cigar firmly. In this situation, his body became even more inoperable when he was nervous.

  Helena didn’t give him a chance to resist, she reached out and pinched both sides of his cheeks, forcing him to open his mouth, and then poured the water mixed with blood-dispersing and heart-saving pills directly into his mouth.

  Howard’s face turned pale with fright, and his legs wanted to kick and struggle, but they were so trembling that he couldn’t exert any strength at all. He thought Helena was really going to poison him to death, and he almost fainted from fear.

  He originally wanted to spit out the water he poured into his mouth, but Helena never gave him a chance. While the water was in his mouth, she threw the cup aside with her other hand, grabbed his chin and jerked it upward. He mentioned it and said lightly: “Drink it!”

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