The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6494

  The moment Howard’s chin was lifted, his esophagus opened instantly, and the little water flowed directly into his stomach along the esophagus, and he drank it all.

  Howard’s eyes were filled with fear, and what he was thinking about was that it might be too late to say goodbye to this world.

  The next second, when Howard felt a different kind of warmth rising in his stomach, he was even more frightened, thinking: “Helena, this poisonous woman! She must have fed me poison! The poison is about to take effect now, I… I’m dead… It’s a pity that I, Howard, have a great reputation, but I didn’t expect to be so useless when I died!”

  Thinking of this, Howard blurted out angrily: “Helena! God will… definitely let you go to hell! Helena

  nodded and asked: “Why did God let me go to hell?”

  Howard scolded: “You poisoned me! God…how could God forgive you!”

  Helena smiled and said calmly: “Look Your stuttering situation is much better. Let’s feel it again. Have other symptoms improved?” When

  Howard heard this, he was startled for a moment, then suddenly understood and blurted out: “Eh?! It’s really… really hard to speak now. Why are you stuttering…”

  After saying that, he tried to move his body, and it was obvious that his control over his body was much improved than before!

  He exclaimed in an instant: “This…isn’t this amazing?! Could it be…is it all the effect of that little pill?!”

  Helena took out a piece of paper from the bedside and wiped the pinch of Howard just now He put his hand on his chin and sighed: “To deal with stubborn people like you, we really need to use some methods.”

  After saying that, Helena said again: “I told you earlier, this pill can not only cure you The disease can make your body better than before. Do you believe it now?”

  Howard said quickly: “I believe it… I believe it! Hai… oh no… Her Majesty the Queen, can you… again …Give me some more elixirs? I think…I want to try a more…obvious effect!”

  Helena shook her head and said: “Mr. Howard is in a high position and may rarely go to supermarkets. Although supermarkets and airports There is also a free trial service, but there is no category that you can eat to your heart’s content before considering whether to buy it or not, so I won’t be able to give you any more elixirs until the price is agreed upon, so please forgive me.”

  Howard said without hesitation . He said: “Okay! If this… this pill… can completely cure me… I… I am willing to pay… 100 million US dollars!”

  Helena was stunned, then looked at her watch, He smiled and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Howard, I still have something to do. Let’s go ahead and recover slowly. Oh, by the way, if you have nothing to do, don’t let anyone contact me. I’m usually too busy and don’t want to waste time. Goodbye!”

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