The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6495

 Howard originally thought that $100 million was already an astronomical figure, and the price he offered was completely enough to show his sincerity.

  But how could he have imagined that after Helena heard the offer, she didn’t even bother to negotiate the price and turned around to leave.

  He had just felt the real effect of the medicine. One tenth of it had such an effect. Taking a whole pill would definitely make him recover as before, so how could he give up this golden opportunity.

  So he quickly shouted: “Your Majesty the Queen… If there is anything we… we can discuss… But you turned around and left. Why… why?”

  Helena said lightly: “Mr. Rothschild, I never like to talk about cooperation with people who don’t understand clearly. In Mr. Howard’s opinion, my health is only worth 100 million US dollars. So with all due respect, what else do I have to talk to you about? I, Helena, compare with you Although I don’t have much money, in my opinion, my own health must be measured by more than this little money, right?”

  Howard was speechless for a moment.

  He did not expect that Helena would raise the issue of pricing to her net worth.

  See what this means, if you have more money, it is reasonable to spend more money?

  How can I talk about this when I am worth a trillion dollars? Should I just give her three to five hundred billion?

  At this time, Helena thought of something and added: “Oh, by the way, I received a piece of news today that Che Wang’s family is going to auction his private car to pay for Che Wang’s treatment. It is said that Che Wang has been in coma for many years, and his family has suffered a lot. Hundreds of millions of euros have been paid for his treatment. Let me give you an inappropriate analogy. If it were Mr. Howard and you were comatose in bed, would your family only pay 100 million US dollars in medical expenses for you? Or, You just want them to pay you $100 million?”

  ”This…” Howard’s face burned.

  At first, he did realize that the price he had just quoted was a bit stingy.

  Secondly, he didn’t expect Helena to speak so directly, which really didn’t save him any face.

  So, he could only say in a low voice: “Your Majesty the Queen… If you think the price… the price is too low… you can just make a price…”

  Helena said lightly: “Mr. Rothschild, before I make the offer… Before talking about the price, I hope you can understand that the reason why I brought this elixir here is to save you from fire and water. Since it is to save you from fire and water, then you must refer to your worth when you are in fire and water. How much.”

  After saying that, Helena added: “You must be the only one who knows Mr. Rothschild’s current situation best. The stroke not only affects your actions, your language, and your quality of life, but also affects your entire society in Rothschild. The role you play in the Child family, if you regain your health, you can postpone the decision to give up the position of head of the family to Steve today and continue to play the role of the patriarch. But if you lose your health, you will lose everything. .”

  As soon as Howard heard this, he knew that if he wanted to get this pill today, he had to be prepared for heavy bleeding, and there was no chance of saving money.

  So, he could only bite the bullet and said: “Your Majesty the Queen…I understand everything you said…so…so please just…please give me a clear price…just give me a clear price!” Helena

  nodded and said coldly: “One hundred billion U.S. dollars.”

  Howard’s eyes widened: “How…how much?!”

  Helena repeated again: “I said, one hundred billion U.S. dollars.” .”

  Howard blurted out: “This… this is outrageous… One hundred billion… One hundred billion US dollars can give the United States… build a most advanced aircraft carrier fleet for the United States, and… maintain its operation for at least two years. Need…”

  Helena nodded and smiled: “Yes, one hundred billion dollars can not only build the most advanced aircraft carrier fleet, but also send humans to Mars and bring them back, and maybe even on the moon. Build a Disneyland.”

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