The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6497

 Seeing that Howard was a little angry, Helena was not angry, and just said lightly: “Mr. Rothschild, don’t get angry in a hurry. I have an additional condition that I haven’t finished yet.” After a

  pause, Helena continued: ” I want your set of models for personal use and will not be used for any commercial purpose, which means it will not have any impact on your original market. I just want an exact copy for my own use. To you, it is nothing more than Send me a copy, give me a set of hardware, and give me twenty years of maintenance fees. The cost shouldn’t be much, right?”

  Howard asked coldly: “How can I be sure… you won’t… won’t For commercial use?”

  Helena smiled and said: “This is the specific details I am going to talk about next. You will still pay me 100 billion US dollars, but I will sign a contract with you and agree on 50 billion US dollars. , will be returned to the Rothschild family at an amount of US$2.5 billion per year in the next twenty years;”

  “If you cut off the upgrade and maintenance to me, I will cut off the subsequent return of this money;”

  ”If I take your AI model for commercial use, you can immediately stop the upgrade and maintenance, and sue the Nordic royal family in court, demanding full repayment of US$50 billion;” “

  All our cooperation, as long as we reach an agreement, will be written in Contracts will be protected by law.”

  Howard said angrily: “Oh, I will give you 100 billion U.S. dollars, and then you turn around and put it into a trust. Judging from the current median rate of return in the U.S. financial market, the annual interest It’s at least several billion dollars!”

  ”And once the compound interest is calculated, this is an astronomical figure. Aren’t you just borrowing chickens to lay eggs? Lend my chickens to lay eggs for twenty years, and then return the chickens to me. , where can I find the eggs that have been around for twenty years?”

  Helena said generously: “How about this, you still give me 100 billion U.S. dollars, of which 50 billion U.S. dollars will generate interest every year, and I will get a penny of it. “Everything will be refunded to you;”

  ”In the first year, I will calculate it for you based on the actual interest generated by the US$50 billion. While refunding your principal of US$2.5 billion, all this interest will also be refunded to you;”

  ”Second year, I will give you the interest actually generated on the 47.5 billion U.S. dollars, and then refund the principal of 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, and so on, until the twenty-year contract is completed.”

  Speaking of this, Helena smiled and said: ” If you mortgage the chicken with me for twenty years, all the eggs laid in these twenty years will belong to you, and the chicken itself will be gradually returned to you in twenty years. Is this fair enough?”

  Howard felt a little comfortable after hearing this. Some.

  However, when he thought that the pill alone would cost 50 billion US dollars, he still felt a slight pain.

  At this moment, Howard suddenly exclaimed: “I forgot one thing! The hardware of the AI ​​model… is very expensive! Most of the cost is based on… the hardware produced by NVIDIA! NVIDIA’s stock price is rising rapidly, that is… that is Because AI is so popular… that… the price of hardware has skyrocketed! Maybe this set of models will cost billions of dollars in hardware…”

  Helena smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, if you care about this As for the cost, I will give you another 10 billion U.S. dollars. I am still very generous.”

  Hearing this, Howard looked a little embarrassed. She knew that Helena was secretly mocking herself when she said this. .

  Then, Helena added: “Mr. Rothschild, in fact, the Rothschild family is involved in almost all of the institutions that are NVIDIA’s major shareholders, and you still hold a lot of circulating stocks in the secondary market, and You got these shares very early and your chips were very low. In the process of Nvidia’s stock price soaring to more than 1 trillion US dollars, you have already made a lot of money;”

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