Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1424 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1424

Callum spoke to Camryn. He swiped the answer icon before Camryn could respond and shoved the phone to her.

“Hurry up and take the phone unless you want us to die together in an accident.”

Camryn had no choice but to take the phone from him.

Mr. Newman called out pleasingly from the phone, “Mr. Callum, are you free? I’d like to treat you to lunch.”

Camryn brought the phone to her ear. When she heard her stepfather’s question, she said softly,” Mr. Callum is driving now, Uncle. He can’t answer the phone.”

“Camryn? You’re with Mr. Callum? Okay, tell him that I’d like to invite him to lunch and ask if he’s available. You can come with him too.” Mr. Newman’s tone was gentle when he heard his niece’s voice and realized that she was with Callum.

“Mr. Callum, my uncle said he wants to invite you to lunch. He asked if you’re available.”

“Sure, I am. We’re going to lunch right now, aren’t we? Tell Mr. Newman that we’ll wait for him at Wiltspoon Hotel. Tell him to come quickly.”

He could not make Camryn take out her wallet today.

Either way, he could try again another day. He had a lifetime left to leech off her.

It was not easy for Camryn to earn money. Every time she treated him to a meal, she always. looked regretful at spending money. However, it was that regret that amused Callum. He liked making her pay for their meals and watching her pretend to be generous despite being in pain.

If Camryn could hear his thoughts, she would say, “I don’t want to spend my lifetime with you…”

“Uncle, did you hear what Mr. Callum said?”

Mr. Newman answered, “Okay, I’ll go to Wiltspoon Hotel now.”

Then, he quickly hung up the phone.

Camryn returned the phone to Callum.

Callum teased her while driving, “Your uncle came to me for my help. He most likely wants to ask. me to be responsible for you and marry you off to me. Would you be willing?”

Camryn was silent.

“Old Mr. Marshall already sent that b*stard who tried to molest you to jail. Your mom found him. after considering the Marshall family’s reputation in Wiltspoon. Even Zachary has to show respect to the Marshalls.

“The main family of the Marshalls is very decent but has no friendship with your mother, so she had no choice but to find a very distant relative to give you away as a plaything.”

This was the result of Callum’s investigation.

Back then, he beat the man up black and blue without knowing who the man was. It was only after investigating that he found out that the man was from the Marshall family.

Old Mr. Marshall even thanked him for helping to uncover the scum in the family.

“Thank you, Mr. Callum.”

Camryn could do nothing else but expressed her gratitude.

“Keep track of how many meals you owe me and cook for me every day when your eyes are cured.”

Camryn was speechless. “Are you… hiring me as a chef?”

“Don’t you need to marry me? I don’t need a chef. I need a wife. Isn’t it normal for wives to cook. for their husbands?

“If you don’t know how to cook, it’s fine. I’ll cook instead. Thanks to my nana, all my cousins and I can cook. Our skills are first–class.”

No matter how mild–tempered Camryn was, her expression could not help but darken.

“Mr. York, I never said I would marry you!”

They were not even dating!

Callum smiled and said, “Your uncle told me to marry you and bear the responsibility of you.”

“He has no say in my marriage!”

Callum looked at her and asked, “Do you refuse to marry me because you think I’m ugly?”


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