Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1426 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1426

When they arrived at Wiltspoon Hotel, Callum parked the car, got out, and quickly went around to reach the passenger seat. He waited for Camryn to get out of the car before standing in front of her.

“Mr. Calbum?”

Camryn raised her head to face him.

He was close enough that she could easily smell the familiar scent of his body.

Callum suddenly took her hand.

Then, he raised it high and pressed her hand against his face.

“Touch my face, Camryn. Although you can’t see what I look like now, you can feel it with your hands. I know you can imagine what I look like. You’re a very smart girl.”

Camryn quietly faced him.

After a long time, her hand moved.

Callum let go of her hand.

He let her hands roam his face gently with a hint of tenderness.

Her long and soft fingers felt rough as they brushed all over his features.

That was because her palms were full of thick calluses.

Her hands were actually very soft and beautiful.

Camryn imagined Callum’s appearance in her mind by feeling his face with her hands. After touching his face for a while, she noticed that Callum was getting closer. She snapped back to her senses and hurriedly retracted her hand.

Callum stared deeply at her red lips.

She was a beautiful girl with delicate features. Her lips were red and plump, and as he stared at close range, he wanted to kiss her and taste whether her lips were as soft as he imagined.

However, it was just a thought. He did not dare act on it.

She built tall walls around her heart. He had not even climbed half of it yet, so he could not be too impulsive lest she kicked him in the face and he fell back to square one.

“Has my uncle arrived?”

Camryn broke the silent but the ambiguous atmosphere remained between them.

“I’m not sure. Let’s go in first.”

Callum held out his hand to her. “Shall I lead you in?”

“No, thanks.”

Camryn had a white cane and could walk in by herself.

Callum did not force her and accompanied her to walk inside slowly.

“Mr. York, Camryn, you’re here.”

Mr. Newman was waiting in the lobby on the first floor and immediately greeted them when he saw them enter.

He glanced at his stepdaughter twice before looking at Callum.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Newman.”

“No, I just arrived too.”

Mr. Newman invited Callum to follow him into the private room he had booked.

Along the way, he saw how patient and considerate Callum was to Camryn. Mr. Newman felt incredibly displeased.

How did his blind niece attract the attention of the Yorks‘ second young master?

This girl…

She was just like his younger brother. They both held a certain affinity.

Although Mr. Newman was the older one, their parents loved his younger brother more. Everyone else fancied his younger brother too. Regardless of when, his brother was always the focus of the crowd.

His late brother was mild–tempered, very intelligent, and had great respect for him. He never wanted to compete for the family fortune, but their parents still wanted to give everything to their younger son. Even the woman he loved the most became his sister–in–law!

Mr. Newman and his wife were already in love, but both their parents turned a blind eye to it. Instead, they let his brother marry the woman he loved the most.

He could not accept it!


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