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Chapter 1428

Mr. Newman looked at his niece and said, “Mr. Callum, my niece is different from others. She can’t see. If you don’t take responsibility for seeing her exposed, she’ll never be able to get married.”


Camryn said solemnly, “I won’t marry, and I don’t need Mr. Callum to be responsible for me. I didn’t suffer any losses. I wasn’t taken advantage of by that man that night, so there’s no need for Mr. Callum to take responsibility.”

Mr. Newman was not her real father, but he was her elder.

He was also her stepfather.

Mr. Newman making such a request to Callum made Camryn feel so humiliated that she wanted to bury herself in the ground.

“Camryn, I promised your dad that I would raise you into an adult and find a good husband for you. I didn’t take care of you and caused you to lose your sight. I’m already feeling guilty about it. If I don’t help you find a suitable husband, I won’t have the face to see your father when I die.”

Mr. Newman was actually doing this to ruin Camryn’s image in Callum’s eyes. He wanted Callum and the York family to look down on Camryn,

If he knew that Old Mrs. York had decided to make his niece her second granddaughter–in–law, he would probably have spit blood.

“Mr. Callum, look…”

Callum looked at Camryn and said, “You mean to say that if I don’t marry Ms. Camryn, she’d be single for the rest of her life. How can I bear to let that happen to her? Ms. Newman…”

“Mr. Callum!”

Camryn interrupted Callum’s words with a tense face.

“Mr. Callum, I don’t need you to be responsible for me.” She turned to Mr. Newman and said again. seriously, “Uncle, stop forcing Mr. Callum to marry me. I don’t need it! Marrying me off isn’t even your real goal. Why don’t you just tell Mr. Callum what you want? Why are you using me as a bargaining chip?

“Mr. Callum, what my uncle really wants is for you to step in and help mediate so that your -law’s sister can compromise and help my mother get a lighter sentence.”

Mr. Newman’s expression darkened.

Fine, it was good that Camryn spelled out his true thoughts.

That was indeed his real intention.

Callum deliberately let out a hum. “It’s not because he genuinely wants me to marry you? Mr. Newman, to be honest, I’m willing to do so. She’s beautiful and pleasing to the eye, so it doesn’t matter to me that she can’t see. Her blindness just makes it more convenient for me to bully her and pick on her.”

Camryn’s expression was calm.

Mr. Newman looked thoughtful.

“Mr. Callum, my wife is Camryn’s mother. If you marry Camryn, my wife will be your mother–in–law. Are you willing to stand by idly as your mother–in–law goes to jail?”

Since Camryn had pointed out his real intention, he shamelessly said what was in his heart.

“Liberty is your sister–in–law’s sister, so you should plead for your mother–in–law. We’ll all be relatives in the future and will cross paths regularly. Can you forgive your mother–in–law this one time? I guarantee that she won’t do anything to Liberty and Serenity again after she comes out.”

Callum picked up the teacup, took an elegant sip of tea before placing the cup back down and said with a smile, “Mr. Newman, don’t be so quick to call yourselves my in–laws. Your niece said I don’t have to marry her, so our families are not related yet.

“If you have difficulties in your business, I may be able to help for the sake of your niece. However, I won’t help you in this case. It doesn’t matter whether your wife is my mother–in–law. Even if she was, she committed a crime and should be punished. I won’t intercede for her.

“You should give up on that, Mr. Newman. Liberty and her sister won’t agree to a settlement!”

Callum stood up when he was done speaking and pulled Camryn up as well. He said to Mr. Newman, “I won’t continue eating this meal. You can come to me if it’s about taking responsibility for Ms. Newman, but don’t come looking for anything else. I can’t help you.”

He pulled Camryn out of the room.

Mr. Newman was left there sitting alone, his expression turned dark and his face paled.


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