Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 647 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 647

“Alice, I saw the wedding ring that Serenity was wearing.”

Alice looked at him and said in amusement, “Do you think we don’t have eyes and you’re the only one who saw it? So what if you saw it? What’s wrong with Serenity’s wedding ring?”

Clive was silent, pondering how to phrase himself.

“We’re husband and wife. What is it that you can’t tell me? Didn’t you call me upstairs because you wanted to say something to me? What’s wrong?”

“Alice, do you remember me telling you about Zachary showing off his wedding ring on his social media?”

Alice nodded. “Of course, I remember. That day, you even told me to go talk to Elisa early in the morning. You were the good cop while I was the bad cop. I wanted to cry myself when I saw how much pain Elisa was in.

“You also said that Zachary actually invited you to a meal when you met him by chance at Wiltspoon Hotel. You kept talking about it all night, saying that you would’ve never dreamed of having Zachary invite you to a meal in your lifetime.

“You even suspected that Zachary had feelings for you. You’re married, and so is he. You don’t have to worry about him liking men. Even if he does, he won’t like you. You’re just overthinking.”

Clive was the CEO of Stone Group. He was immensely powerful in his own right.

Although Alice complained that her husband had many baseless suspicions, she very much adored him. from the bottom of her heart.

Clive flicked his wife’s forehead. “You got me wrong. After I met Zachary at Wiltspoon Hotel that day, I found that he had changed his wedding ring. He explained that his wife didn’t like gold rings, so he changed them into diamond rings.

“We ate at the same table, so I saw him flaunting his wedding ring for hours. I’ve imprinted on my mind. how his ring looks, so when I saw the wedding ring that Serenity was wearing, I felt it was familiar. It matched Zachary’s ring.”

Alice looked at her husband in shock. After a moment, she reached out to touch Clive’s forehead and then her own. She muttered, “You don’t have a fever. Are you okay? How could Zachary’s wedding ring match Serenity’s?

“If their rings are a pair, doesn’t that mean that Zachary’s mysterious wife is Serenity? Do you think that’s possible?”

Alice was in disbelief.

Who was Zachary York? He was the heir of the York family. It stood to reason that Serenity and he would never cross paths in their lives.

Clive said, “It’s not impossible. I heard Elisa mention that Serenity’s husband had the same last name York. Although there are many people with the same last name in this world, the York surname is quite uncommon. In Wiltspoon, everyone who carries the last name York is either from Zachary’s family or related to them.

“Serenity’s husband is also working at York Corporation. Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence?”

“Are there no other people with the surname York working at York Corporation who aren’t Zachary or his brothers?”

Clive choked for a moment, then said, “That’s not true either. Many members of the extended family also work at York Corporation. Some are closer by blood, but most of them are at least thrice removed.”

“Maybe her husband’s ancestor was from the same family as Zachary’s ancestor. They just share the same last name, but are not related.”


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