Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 649 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 649

“Elisa finally put down her infatuation for Zachary. We’ll tell her when she has completely let go and is able to openly face Zachary with the fact that he’s married.”

Clive sighed. “If she finds out that Serenity’s husband is the man she loves but can’t get, I can’t imagine the consequences. Serenity isn’t close to us, but Elisa and her get along well.

“I have to think about Elisa.”

“But Serenity is your cousin now, and her husband is your brother–in–law. If it’s really Zachary, he has to accompany Serenity to visit us eventually. He can’t keep hiding and refusing to see Mom, right?”

It was fine if Serenity’s husband did not meet them but Audrey was their elder. He had to meet her.

“I’ll ask Zachary tonight if his marriage with Serenity is hidden. Serenity probably doesn’t know his identity. She most likely wouldn’t dare marry him if she did.”

Alice reminded him, “Serenity said her husband is out on a business trip and won’t be back for some time.

“Why don’t you call Zachary now and ask him where he is? If he’s in Wiltspoon, then you’re overthinking it. If he’s on a business trip, then he may really be Serenity’s husband.

“Speaking of which, how did Serenity get married all of a sudden in the first place? Elisa didn’t ask either.”

Clive thought about it and said, “I have a hunch that Serenity’s husband is Zachary York. That day when I met him coincidentally, he had the sudden magnanimity to invite me to a meal. I think it might not just be because he was in a good mood. He… might have been trying to please me because he already knew that Serenity is my cousin.”

Alice hesitated but concurred, “That’s possible.”

She added, “I’ll go downstairs now and find a chance to ask Serenity secretly.”

“Be careful and don’t let Mom or Elisa know. Even if we get confirmation, we still have to hide it, lest Elisa finds out and falls out with Serenity.”

Alice nodded solemnly. She would bring this secret to the grave.

She was reluctant to believe that Serenity’s husband was Zachary York, the heir of the York family.

How could Zachary York get married all of a sudden?

He had incredibly high standards and usually did not allow young women to approach him unless they were relatives. He had always kept women at bay, at least three meters away from him.

Making such a man get married suddenly was harder than trying to ascend to heaven.

Even if he wanted to marry, why would he marry Serenity?

“Let’s go downstairs.”

Clive embraced his wife and went out.

The couple went downstairs as if nothing was wrong.

Audrey was talking to the Hunt sisters about hosting a banquet tomorrow night.

“Everyone in Wiltspoon knows that I had been looking for my sister. Although my sister passed away, it’s a comfort to me that I found you two. I’m going to hold a banquet to introduce you to everyone and announce to the public that you’re my nieces. In the future, anyone who tries to bully you means they’re going against the Stone family.”

Audrey still remembered how Liberty was bullied by her former in–laws.

Liberty handled it herself, so Audrey did not intervene. However, she still mentioned it to Clive when she got home, asking him to retaliate against the Brown family in other ways without harming them physically or breaking the law. He just needed to make Hank lose his job.

Hank’s sister was another atrocious specimen.

Audrey was only relieved when Clive said that he would seek justice for his cousin.

“Seren and Liberty, since you’re already here, spend a few days here with me. After lunch, Elisa and I will take you two out to pick your evening dresses for the banquet tomorrow night.”

Upon seeing the couple who had just reached downstairs, Audrey said, “Clive and Alice, both of you are responsible for sending out the guest invitations. Invite all the people we know to the party.


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