Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 653 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 653

Alice took Serenity around the residence before excusing herself to take a nap.

“Go and have your break, Alice. I’ll sit here and enjoy the view.”

Serenity did not want to go back into the house. Compared to the lavishly furnished home, she preferred the natural scenery in the yard.

She saw a few garden patches along the fence and guessed that her aunt must have done the gardening herself.

Mrs. Stone was the lady of a wealthy and powerful family, but it did not change the fact that she grew up in an orphanage. It made sense that she would be hands–on with gardening after going through poverty and retiring from a desk job.

“Are you cold? I’ll send someone to fetch you a jacket if you are.”

Serenity and Liberty did not bring extra clothes as they were here for a meal. They thought they would go home after a meal and a good chat.

It turned out Mrs. Stone wanted them to stay for a few days. Serenity had to return later in the evening to bring a change of clothes.

“Thank you, Alice, but I don’t feel chilly.”

Alice smiled. “Well, have fun. I’m heading back for a nap. I’ll feel tired if I don’t stick to the routine.”

Serenity expressed understanding.

Such was the case with her daily routine as well.

Once Alice was back inside the house, Serenity whipped out her phone and clicked on her Whatsapp. Staring at Zachary’s profile picture, she realized he had switched his profile picture for a photograph of their wedding rings.

Serenity chuckled as the frustration she had toward him gradually diminished.

She tapped on the button for a video chat.

Zachary quickly picked up.


His deep but hoarse voice was heard. It somehow pained Serenity to hear him like this.

It must have taken a toll on Zachary after the couple had another fight, and she went drinking at a bar while he was away on business. He rushed back on the same day to check on her and hurried back to work soon after.

“Didn’t you sleep well?”

“It’s not that. I might have caught a cold.”

His health took a hit as he often bathed in cold water during winter.

Serenity told him off, “You better layer up and have your meals on time. I was fine. I only went for a few drinks to let some steam off.” Zachary stared at her for a moment before uttering, “I’m sorry, Seren. It was all my fault.

“I was overly sensitive and self-centered without any regard for your feelings. You’re an independent

woman. I’ve known that from the start. Yet, I kept trying to get you to rely on me completely to satisfy my pride as a man. It was my fault.

“I was being petty and narrow–minded. You should yell at me if I make the same mistake again, but don’t go drinking at a bar, okay? You can’t hold your liquor well. You threw up and cried after you got drunk. I felt terrible and sorry that felt upset. that you

“I’ve been through the pain of a splitting headache after a night of drinking. It was so bad I don’t ever want you to experience it.”

Serenity looked at him quietly through the video call. His apologies and reflections threw her back to the night of their phone call. Her voice softened. “Zachary, I thought I didn’t have to tell you everything since I could handle it myself, but in a way, your huge reaction is a show of your concern for me.

We can be a little more patient and understanding toward one another. We got married without knowing or loving each other. I can’t promise that we won’t have another fight after this, but I can guarantee that we can take a few days to cool our heads and calmly have a talk whenever we face a problem.”

The fight had left the couple with mental scars and bruises.

Marriage was forever. The road was long, so the fights, silent treatment, and misunderstanding would often find their way into the journey.


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