Married at First Sight Chapter 1810 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1810 by desirenovel-Kevin: “Mr. Queen, is it convenient for you to take me to see that house?”

Hayden: “It is no longer convenient because it is so late. Mr. York, I’ll leave you a phone number, and you’ll call it when you’re free tomorrow, and someone will take you to the villa.”

“Okay, thank you very much Mr. Queen.” Kevin thanked Hayden.

Hayden gave Kevin her housekeeper’s phone number, “Mr. York, this is my housekeeper’s phone number. If you contact her, she will help you contact the owner of that house and show you the house.”

The owner of the house spread the word that he wanted to sell the house, and he left a phone number for the neighbors to call if anyone wanted to buy a house at any time.

Kevin: “Okay, I will contact your housekeeper tomorrow. Thank you Mr. Queen for your help.”

Hayden said lightly, “It’s just a matter of little effort, Mr. York, You don’t have to be too polite.”

Kevin might not buy that villa either.

Even though it hadn’t been fixed up, the villa was old. People who bought villas in Yuvinn Villa were either wealthy or paid a lot. People who didn’t have a lot of money didn’t usually buy old villas. The main reason was that the opponent was in the business of buying and selling houses. The price of the house was a bit more than the price of the new villa.

Kevin was not short of money, but he won’t be taken advantage of by others, right?

Arriving at York’s hotel in Jensburg, Hayden asked the driver to stop the car, and said to Kevin: “Mr. York, we’re here.”

After seeing “Fortress Hotel” Kevin thanked Hayden as he got out of the car and opened the door. He then asked Hayden, “Mr. Queen, do you want to come in and have a seat?”

Hayden looked at her own hotel diagonally opposite, and Kevin followed her gaze twice, and smiled clearly: “Mr. Queen, when I buy the house, decorate it and move in, I’ll invite you.”

Hayden: “Mr. York, I still have things to deal with, so I’m leaving first.”

Kevin waved goodbye to her with a smile.

Queens’ bodyguards helped Kevin park the car, and gave Kevin the car keys. Kevin took the car keys and thanked the bodyguards.

Hayden’s bodyguard was always with her, and she trusted him very much. Kevin was happy to look up to someone Hayden trusted.

Kevin stood at the hotel’s front door and watched Hayden’s special convoy drive away. When the cars disappeared into the flow of traffic, Kevin shook the car key and went inside.

The security guard at the entrance of the hotel and the lobby manager who came out from inside after receiving the news all watched Kevin get off Hayden’s car.

Although the York family and the Queen family were not deadly rivals, the two hotels were separated by a big road, and they were both so-called seven-star hotels. Among the many hotels in Jensburg, these two hotels were the most high-end and most luxurious hotels.

The two hotels were more or less targeted.

On the surface, the top executives of the two companies had no intention of targeting each other, but they were fighting secretly. Anyway, if the workers of the two hotels met, no one would talk to the other.

Not to mention going to the other party’s territory, they all regarded the other party’s hotel as a forbidden area, as if stepping into the other party’s hotel was a betrayal.

However, they saw Mr. York getting off Mr. Queen’s car, and the relationship between the two seemed to be quite good.

This made the security guard and the lobby manager a little confused, so of course, they didn’t dare to ask Kevin. After all, the parent companies behind the two hotels were still a little friendly.


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