Married at First Sight Chapter 1814 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1814 by desirenovel-Grandpa also had rivals in love when Grandma was young.

Zachary was like his grandpa.

Sam: “Ms. Dawson, came to look for the young mistress once, and the young mistress was ready for the battle. As a result, the next day, the young mistress received the news that Ms. Dawson left Wiltspoon overnight.”

“Ms. Dawson, Oh, Analia, the only daughter of President Dawson of the Dawson Group, it’s not surprising that she would like Young Master. She has some skills and is an only daughter. If there is no accident, the Dawson Group will be handed over to her in the future.”

“Ms. Dawson is arrogant, so she naturally feels that with her conditions, only a man like Young Master is worthy of her. However, His father is always a smart person, and he would not allow his daughter to intervene in other people’s marriages.”

Sam just knew these things, and he didn’t know anything else.

Grandma May: “Ms. Dawson has been here? Did Zack not kick her out? The level of security in the mansion villa area is extremely high. Ms. Dawson should not be permitted entry. Who will help her to enter the villa?”

Sam hurriedly said, “We didn’t bring Ms. Dawson in, but the owner of No. 188 kindly brought Ms. Dawson in.”

Grandma May had already arranged the other half for the married grandchildren. She did not care when they would be able to appreciate the beauty; she was only concerned with the end result.

The remaining grandchildren were still young, so they were not in a hurry.

The young masters below the Sixth Young Master were relieved.

Rowan wasn’t worried at all because he wasn’t an adult yet, and he knew that his grandmother had been busy lately looking for wives for his cousins. He was still very interested and wanted to go to the theater with his grandmother. Someone gave him several sets of test questions, so he spent the summer doing all kinds of questions at home.

He just wanted his sister-in-law to move back to the villa and live there for a while. Then he would hug her big thigh and go on vacation for a few days.

Even though summer break was almost over, he hadn’t yet had a good time.

“Eldest Young Mistress asked me to investigate, and I investigated the findings as well. I’ll tell her the outcome when she returns. I heard what she said about this matter, she can handle it on her own.”

Sam sympathized with his eldest mistress.

They had been married for a year, and there would be rivals in love.

This time, the rival in love was not as sensible as Ms.Stone.

Sam always felt that Ms. Dawson would become the strongest love rival of the eldest mistress.

When Sam and Grandma May were chatting happily about family affairs, Zachary and Serenity came back.

After hearing the movement, Sam hurriedly got up to welcome them out of the house.

As soon as he left the main house, he saw Zachary rush in with Serenity in his arms.

Sam was taken aback.

Sam: “Young master, what’s wrong with the young mistress?”

Zachary didn’t answer Sam’s question. Sam saw that his young mistress’s face was flushed, she seemed to be unconscious, and she was still muttering something, while the young master’s handsome face was so dark that it could be compared to the bottom of a casserole.


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