Married at First Sight Chapter 2381 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2381 by desirenovel-After a pause, Matriarch Farrell thought for a while and said, “Kathryn, you stay at home, take care of the company, and handle the affairs of the clan. I’ll attend Young Master York’s wedding, and when I come back, I hope you can hand in an answer sheet that satisfies me.”

Kathryn: “Okay, mother, as you please.”

Matriarch Farrell decided to go to Wiltspoon to investigate and confirm the whereabouts of the two nieces.

People in the clan were rumoring that Mrs. Stone in Wiltspoon was her oldest niece. Don’t think she didn’t know, she’s just pretending not to know.

This time she had to go to Wiltspoon to attend Zachary’s wedding, so she had the opportunity to investigate.

Kathryn looked at her mother, and continued to ask tentatively: “Mom, Are you going alone? Won’t you go with Dad? In fact, I really want to go there with you, mom. Wiltspoon is a bustling city with many opportunities. I wonder if our family’s business should develop there?”

Kathryn had been to Wiltspoon, but she went there secretly, and her mother discovered her consumption records in Wiltspoon.

Fortunately, her going to the Stone Family was not discovered.

Liberty’s new restaurant opened, and she asked Mr. Fraser to send a gift money instead of her, but it was not found.

Otherwise, with her mother’s shrewdness, she would definitely be able to guess her motive for meeting Mrs. Stone.

As for Mrs. Stone and her blood test, Mrs. Stone didn’t even tell her the result, let alone let her mother know.

Kathryn knew that her mother was acting, and that Mrs. Stone was her cousin’s business, so her mother was probably also suspicious. This time her mother went to Wiltspoon, at least ten days and a half months before returning.

Matriarch Farrell said indifferently: “You can’t become a fat woman by eating one bite. Kathryn, you haven’t even fully settled the affairs of our headquarters, so don’t think about expanding the territory.

All walks of life in Wiltspoon are saturated, and there are two major companies, the York Corporation and the Stone Group. FC & Co. also has a branch there, and the fifth young master, Mr. Tim Johnson, sits in Wiltspoon in person. Let’s go there and talk to each other. There is no more soup to drink.

Kathryn, properly operate on our old site. Our Farrell family used to be among the top in Jensburg, but now we are at the bottom. If your generation doesn’t live up to it, we will soon fall off the list of the top rich families.”

Matriarch Farrell sighed after finishing speaking, “I’m also incompetent. When your grandmother was alive, our Farrell family was at its peak. When your aunt took over the Farrell family, our Farrell family could also maintain the same position.

After your aunt left, my aunt also passed away. I had no choice but to take over the Farrell family. But I hadn’t received the training to be a family member before, so I was a little flustered when I started it temporarily.

At that time, those offshoot clans also wanted to take advantage of your aunt’s sudden death to fight for power and profit. The Farrell family was in chaos, and it took me a few years to stabilize the situation.

Although I have stabilized the situation, the Farrell family has been hit hard, and it has been going downhill since the beginning.

Talking about the past, recalling the previous glory of the Farrell family, Matriarch Farrell was in high spirits, as if it was her credit.

I’m getting old now, and no matter how hard I work, I won’t be able to work hard for many years. Originally, I placed all my hopes on Shiloh. Who knew that girl wasn’t from our family’s blood? No wonder I worked so hard to train her; she is always inferior to you.”

Kathryn had only returned to the Farrell family for more than a year, but Matriarch Farrell Could see that her biological daughter was born to be a businessman, and she also knew how to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. She simply cooperated with her daughter in acting, making people think that her biological daughter was a helpless mud on the wall.

Mistakenly thinking that she still loved her adopted daughter and didn’t like her own daughter, and gradually revealing her true colors to those ambitious people was also to train her own daughter. The mess she left when she was the head of the house will wait for her own daughter to clean up.


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