Married at First Sight Chapter 2383 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2383 by desirenovel-After all, Wildridge Manor was the mansion of the York family. Not everyone Could live in it.

Matriarch Farrell looked at her own daughter. If this child had grown up beside her, she would definitely be even better than she is now. Maybe she could also be chosen by the old lady of the York family and become the granddaughter-in-law of the York family.

Matriarch Farrell: “You are still young, so there are many opportunities. I’m getting older. Maybe I won’t go to Wiltspoon again after going this time.”

Kathryn smiled, “That’s right. Mom, you should also relax; why don’t you bring my dad along? My dad doesn’t have any skills, but he still has the ability to accompany you and make you happy.”

Matriarch Farrell scolded her daughter lightly: “How can a daughter talk about her father like this? No matter how incapable your father is, it is because of him that you can exist.”

Kathryn curled her lips, “What I said is the truth, Mom; you should have found us a good father.”

Matriarch Farrell: “A capable man will not be a door-to-door son-in-law for our family. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the man your father mentioned last time. Another day, your mother will introduce you to one. You go to meet and get together. That man is honest and responsible. He’s also handsome.

As handsome as your father was when he was young, if you marry a handsome husband, the next generation’s appearance will be better. Look at your brothers and sisters, all of you are good-looking.”

This was the most satisfying place for Matriarch Farrell. All the sons and daughters were handsome men and beautiful women.

Kathryn refused, “Mom, I’m very busy right now, do you think I’m someone who has time for romance? Let’s think about getting married after I stabilize, I’m not yet 30 years old, It’s not too late to get married after 30.”

Matriarch Farrell: : “You can’t remarry after the age of 30. It will be very hard to have a baby at that time. If you are like my mother and gave birth to your daughter after having three children in a row, you will have to give birth to nearly 40 years old. It will be very hard for advanced mothers.

Unless you gave birth to a daughter in the first birth, and you have a successor, and you have one or two more children, it doesn’t matter whether you have children.”

Kathryn said: “Now that medical science is advanced, I can use advanced medical science to give birth to a daughter in one birth. Also it is safer to have two daughters in one birth.”

For a daughter, if something unexpected happens, there would be no successor.

It would be safer to have two daughters.

Matriarch Farrell: “…”

After a while, she said angrily, “Okay, you can go back to work.”

Kathryn stood up and said to her mother: “President Farrell, I’m going back to work.”

Matriarch Farrell waved her hand and told her to get out of here.

He got angry when she saw her, her bad temper didn’t look like her at all.

It’s like her big sister…

Matriarch Farrell suddenly thought of the elder sister, she was brought up by the elder sister, and she had the deepest relationship with the elder sister.

However, for the sake of power and status, she put her elder sister’s family to death…

After Kathryn left, Matriarch Farrell leaned back on the black swivel chair, looked up at the ceiling, closed her eyes, and opened them again, her eyes were cold and heartless.

If people were not for themselves, heaven and earth would perish.

Why was the oldest sister the head of the family?

She could also be the head of the house.

Who was not for herself?

Matriarch Farrell did not regret her cruelty back then.

Anyway, there was no evidence to prove that she killed the elder sister’s family, even if Kathryn wanted to prove it, she couldn’t help it.

Kathryn was good at everything, but she was just too kind.

In this world of intrigue and deceit, being too kind could easily suffer a lot.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was too old to have another child, Matriarch Farrell really wanted to have two more daughters.

If one account is abandoned, practice another account.


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