Married at First Sight Chapter 2388 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2388 by desirenovel-Kiera didn’t even know that she was his destined girl.

Julian only had feelings for her, and she was the only one who could make him a normal man.

“Ms. Caron.” Julian replied with a smile: “I just arrived.”

Kiera looked at his restless hands and said to him, “What are you doing with so many things since you arrived?”

Julian: “This is my first visit to see Master, and I always have to prepare generous gifts. How can I come here empty-handed.”

Kiera said with a smile: “Are you sure that my dad will take you in? Let’s go, my house is not far away, take you back to my house for dinner, and meet my dad by the way, see if my dad is willing to accept you as an old apprentice.”

Julian: “Okay.”

Kiera led Julian to her home, and said as she walked, “Didn’t you say you were going to be the best man for Young Master York? Why did you come here?”

It’s only been two days since she came back from Wiltspoon.

While speaking, Kiera helped take some things from Julian’s hand.

Looking at the gifts that Julian bought, she said to Julian: “It’s too expensive for you to buy so many expensive gifts.”

Cigarettes were of high quality, wine was of high quality, and nutritional products were all big brands. There were many things and expensive.

Thinking that Julian was a president, Kiera said: “President, don’t you usually spend money like running water?”

“Since I made a lot of money, I spent some of it. If I want to be a student, I have to show that I’m serious and buy something for my master. It should be, no matter how much it costs.

Ms. Caron, I think you really want to attend Young Master York’s wedding. After much thought, I came here. One is to visit Master, and the other is to invite you to be my girlfriend and I will take you to Young Master Zhan’s wedding. We’ll be there tomorrow, in time for the wedding.”

This was an excuse that Julian had thought up on the way here.

As soon as Kiera left, he couldn’t help thinking about her.

After experiencing the feeling of not seeing Kiera for a day like three autumns, Julian, who had been in love since the beginning of love, was not willing to wrong himself, so he immediately prepared a generous gift and came over in a private plane.

Of course, he didn’t tell Kiera that he came here by private plane.

After he arrived in Yonsburg, he sent his subordinates back.

Kiera: “…Is it too late? I-I’m not ready for anything.”

Kiera was thinking, but also felt that she didn’t know those people well, and couldn’t fit into that circle.

So she rejected Julian’s original intention to keep her.

Seeing Julian come all the way now, she was so moved.

Although she was far away in Yonsburg, she also knew that the people who could attend Young Master York’s wedding were either rich or noble.

That scene was grand, probably something she would never see in her life.

It’s good to see the world.

It would allow her to brag among her seniors for many years.

Julian smiled and said: “I asked you to be my female companion. You don’t need to prepare anything, I have prepared everything for you. Of course it’s in time. The wedding is the day after tomorrow. It’s in time. We’ll have time to fly back the day after tomorrow.”

Julian tried his best to persuade Kiera to go back to Wiltspoon with him.

Abducting a wife, Julian was self-taught and very skilled.

Kiera didn’t agree to him right away, but said: “Let’s talk about it after meeting my dad first, and see if my dad is willing to accept you as a disciple.”

Julian: “Okay.”

It was also very important to meet the future father-in-law for him!


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