My Rich Wife – Chapter 2631

Chapter 2631: Closing the Curtain

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Qin Yu had used all his strength in this battle. Whether it was his battle sense or other aspects, he had done his best. However, he still lost against Ming Xie.

The Eight Extremities Fist, which carried the terrain, bombarded Qin Yu’s head with a huge whistling sound.

The blood on his head slowly flowed down, covering Qin Yu’s pupils and dripping onto the ground from his chin.

On the tip of the fist, countless cracks appeared in the space in front of him as if it had shattered.

As the mirror shattered, a terrifying power bounced out of the mirror.

Mirror of Reflection.

Shen Qian finally made her move in this final blow.

After Ming Xie killed Xiao Yunfei, Qin Yu told Shen Qian not to make a move. He told her not to use this mysterious item until the last moment, and Shen Qian did it.

Shen Qian’s Mirror of Reflection could not pose any threat to him at all. With the strength of his spirit, he could sense the fluctuations of this spellcasting at any time.

Ming Xie could easily withdraw his power and dodge this mysterious power.

If he hadn’t been in his final state of serious injury and had used Eight Extremities Fist with the determination to fight to the death, he wouldn’t have noticed this fluctuation.

“How, how is this possible?”

Ming Xie’s face was filled with disbelief.

After that punch, his body exploded.

A bloody mist exploded between the two of them. Countless bloody wounds appeared on Ming Xie’s body, and then his skin exploded.

His skeleton was also covered in countless cracks, and the powerless beating between his internal organs was also present in the air. Qin Yu could even see with Iniq nnlcpd that hiq internal nrønnq had hppn nnllpd tn the pvtrpmp and countless blood stains had appeared on them.

Ming Xie’s pupils dilated. This kind of injury had already affected his thinking.

An energy arrow pierced through the gaps between his bones and muscles, entering his heart.

The fire started burning inside Ming Xie’s body. His body temporarily resisted the fire between the energies.

Then, it completely burned, turning his body into a burning man.

Ming Xie’s vision was blurred by the intense heat. The corners of his mouth slowly curled up into a smile.

“It’s been a long time since I had such intense emotional fluctuations. Perhaps you’re right.”

Ming Xie’s expression was a bit complicated. He spoke in a low voice that he could hear.

The flame burned for a long time before it slowly dissipated. A huge wave of energy suddenly spread out from the last ashes of Ming Xie’s body. Terrifying energy swept up like a tornado.

At this moment, the sky fluctuated faintly. This terrifying Saint Power affected the entire sky.

Qin Yu only felt a terrifying energy wave being stuffed into his divine soul. His divine soul was like a balloon that was blown up, and terrifying energy surged into it one after another.

This was a Saint Power that he had never seen before. Whether it was the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze or the divine soul, they were all crazily devouring this Saint Power. He used his Saint Power to repair his body without any hesitation and strengthened it at an extreme speed.

This was the first time Qin Yu felt such extreme Saint Power.

This swelling feeling of his divine soul also made Qin Yu extremely uncomfortable. That power attacked the origin of his divine soul as if it were about to break through some shackles.

That feeling seemed to be a kind of chemical reaction that occurred after the accumulation of strength to a certain extent.

After he killed Ming Xie, Qin Yu retreated.

There, a huge beam of light shot into the clouds.

The Heart of the Saint Kingdom was left behind where Ming Xie had died.

Shen Qian’s figure appeared at the side. She looked at Qin Yu, who had just retreated, with a complicated expression on her face.

Then, she stretched out her hand and the light entered Qin Yu’s body.

Qin Yu maintained the direction he was heading in. It was only when even the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze could not sense anyone that he collapsed to the ground.

He had been maintaining a high intensity in this battle. At this moment, when he relaxed a little, he completely fell asleep.

He had been holding on until now and was already at his limit. He did not even covet the Heart of the Saint Kingdom that he had obtained after killing Ming Xie.

The Saint Power deep within his soul was slowly transforming his body.

At this moment, the attack of the necromancy army had come to an end.

The entire necromancy army had almost been wiped out, and the strongest outsider, Ming Xie, had died.

Seifer couldn’t make a move. His power was held off by City Lord Cang Zhi, and the defeat of the necromancy army had come to an end.

There were still a few remaining necromancy armies left, but they were destined to be unable to break through the final human defense zone in the north.

All of a sudden, a black dragon’s body stiffened, and it let out a tragic roar.

As if it had suddenly sensed some kind of change, its miserable howls seemed to have been suddenly cut off at a certain scale.

A power descended from the sky, and a bright disc that looked like a moon

appeared in the sky.

A pale white light shone down in a conical shape, completely wiping out the black dragon.

With the death of the Black Dragon, the power of wiping spread like a plague. The remaining undead creatures in the surroundings completely disappeared the moment the light shone.

As the angle of the light changed, the light spread rapidly.

In less than twenty seconds, everything that the light shone on was completely cleared.

Seifer’s giant chariot also disappeared the moment the light shone. When the power entered his body, his body suddenly turned into thick black smoke.

A surge of power erupted from his body. It was the familiar scent of the Heart of Saint Kingdom.

If Qin Yu was still here, he would have noticed that the power around Seifer was extremely similar to the Ming Xie’s power of the Heart of the Saint Kingdom.

As this power was released, the black smoke on his body stopped emitting.

Meanwhile, Seifer’s shriveled body had also undergone a huge change. Half of his skull had been removed, and many parts of his skeleton had also been removed by the power of erasing.

His body trembled as he walked towards the outstretched part of the camp.

Countless necromancy armies were reborn, and a new Seifer appeared in the necromancy camp.

The entire Jiuqu City began to undergo a huge change. Cang Zhi’s figure suddenly appeared at the entrance of the bunker. In an instant, the entire Jiuqu City became a blur.

The full moon in the sky had turned emerald green at some point in time, and it was enveloped by a jade-like light.

Everyone received a wave of power, and they recovered to their peak state.

The broken city wall was rebuilt, and the dead human soldiers appeared in their original places again.

Some soldiers were lucky enough to survive. When this power shone on them, their faces were filled with confusion, and their memories were completely


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