The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6777

“I go ……” President Pei bit his lip, some depressed said, “Early to know that he is this attitude, I will not give Jacob to make a guarantee, I want to keep him a vice president of the position, it is just to please the Hong five masters, alsolest Master Hong Fifth would blame him in the future, but now that Master Hong Fifth is too lazy to care about him, why would I bother to help him with so much pressure?”

“Yes!”The wife said without thinking, “Since Master Hong Fifth has already taken a stance, you don’t need to help him at all in this matter, and you have to know that as long as you help him in this matter, everyone will feel that you are just siding with him, and this will surely leave you with something to talk about, and if you can be fair and impartial in this matter, it will surely win you a wave of good reputation for yourself. ”

Said his wife and could not help but remind him, “Old Pei ah, there are some things you can not be too optimistic, you have to consider one thing, that is, in case you do not get promoted up this time what to do?”

“If you don’t rise up ……” President Pei smacked his lips, “If you don’t rise up you can only continue to do it in the Calligraphy and Painting Association.”

The wife nodded, and asked: “If you have to continue to stay in the future in the painting and calligraphy association, then you this time whether it is favouritism, or impartiality, will directly affect your future in the association’s majesty and status, my personal opinion is that this situation is now completely unnecessary for the sake of Jacob, and affect your own image.”

President Pei nodded thoughtfully and said awkwardly, “But I have promised him ah ……”

The wife asked rhetorically, “Promise what? Promise others can be a lot of things, my sister when she bought a house to borrow money, I also promised her, but she turned her head to borrow two million, I can give her? She sold the old house for a new house, a total of two million to make up the difference in price, you say she looked for me to borrow a million is also reasonable ah, two million all open mouth looking for me to borrow, then it is not I help her change the house? Sisters do not have such an open mouth ah, since she has the good sense to open this mouth, then I have the good sense to refuse.”

President Pei asked her, “Then you mean, I simply do not bother to protect Jacob chant?”

The wife came up with the idea, “Didn’t you ask him to send an email to resign? He just needs to send that email, so you can just take the opportunity to agree to his resignation, right?”

President Pei said with some difficulty, “This …… this is too much of a grandson, I let him send an email resignation, is the first to give up the position of executive vice president, and then go to mediate with those vice presidents, we internal problems internal solution, Jacob let a step, we further, all happy, but if I amJacob directly stroked off, this is not with the bank maliciously draw loans a nature? If he knows that I have tricked him, he will hate me to death.”

“What are you afraid of?”Wife asked him a little upset: “Are you so afraid of him Jacob hate you? My own sister now hates me hate my teeth, what did I say? She is again hate me, this money I can not lend her ah!”

“If I was afraid that she hated me and gave her the two million, what was the result? The result would be that she would change her new house without paying a cent, and then renovate it this year, change her car next year, get her child married the year after next, and give birth to her grandchildren the year after next, spending money on one thing after another, and she might not be able to pay us back the two million in three, five, or even ten or eight years!”

“Two million I do not do anything, just put in the universal account, according to the contract of 3.5% guaranteed, a year is 70,000 yuan of interest, not counting interest, ten years is 700,000, who will make up for this money to me? I can’t eat this dumb loss!”

Said, she added: “You now help Jacob has no meaning, Hong five masters do not care about him, also not likely to remember your good because of this, you protect him and what good? There is no benefit at all!”

“And because you bailed him out, you’re bound to get a bad reputation for favouritism and covering up for your subordinates, in the future in the Calligraphy and Painting Association, this is your handle, in case one day those vice presidents under your hand want to get you down and write a whistle-blowing letter, you’re done for.”

President Pei broke out in a cold sweat and hurriedly said, “If you say that, then I definitely can’t protect him anymore!”

After saying that, he let out a long sigh and said, “It’s just that, at times like this, surely everyone sweeps the snow in front of their door, never mind the frost on the tiles of others, and I’m not to blame for not being righteous to Jacob, blame him only for doing things without thinking, and causing trouble for himself.”


At this time, Jacob, has also finished writing his resignation mail.

He still knew that he wanted to look good, so the email was only sent to President Pei alone, not copied to other members.

President Pei received the email and immediately opened it to read the wording of Jacob, which was that he had decided to resign from the position of executive vice president for his own personal reasons, and asked President Pei to approve it.

According to the previous intention, President Pei will call the following vice presidents to a meeting tomorrow, give them a look at the email, and then make it clear to them that Jacob is one person down, and a few of them are up, and this matter will stop and everyone will be happy.

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