The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6778

However, he is no longer planning to protect Jacob.

Therefore, Jacob’s resignation email has just become a good opportunity for him to cut ties with Jacob.

He could have replied to the email bluntly and approved Jacob’s resignation in the email, so that Jacob could pack up and get out of the association.

However, he was afraid that Jacob would come to find his own trouble in the middle of the night, combined with the fact that Jacob would have to take a plane back to Dubai tomorrow morning, so he decided to approve Jacob’s resignation tomorrow, so that when Jacob knew that he had already arrived in Dubai, he could also give him a few days to digest.

So, Jacob’s resignation email was just sent out, not five minutes, President Pei replied to the email, Jacob clicked to see, only to see President Pei replied: “Vice President jacob took the initiative to resign, it’s a great loss to our association, however, Vice President jacob’s personal situation and willingness to be respected, so please ask all the vice presidents to come to my office tomorrow morning at 10:00 am to discuss this matter together.discuss this matter together.”

Jacob was still wondering how President Pei replied to his own email to get the other vice presidents to go to his office for a meeting, followed by a closer look, President Pei had copied everyone.

Copying everyone when replying to an email was the same as forwarding that email he sent to others as well.

Jacob heart feel, this kind of thing, the president and a few vice president internal discussion can be, completely unnecessary to copy everyone, so they hurriedly sent voice on weibo to ask President Pei: “President Pei, you just replied to the email copy everyone, is not accidentally point wrong ah?”

President Pei replied: “Jacob, you this matter in fact, we all know, so there is no need to hide, so that we can appear to do things just and open, you can rest assured, tomorrow’s meeting, I will discuss with a few presidents discreetly.”

Jacob thought, President Pei said also makes sense, their own thing, in the circle of antiques and art circle has long been known, there is really no need to hide within the association, anyway, it is a theatre, do it for all to see is actually more persuasive.

So he put his heart down and said to President Pei: “President Pei, I’ll return to Dubai on tomorrow morning’s flight, please take care of this side of things!”

President Pei said, “Don’t worry Jacob, I will definitely take care of it.”

Jacob also did not doubt him, smilingly said, “Then it’s hard for you President Pei, when I come back I will treat you to a good drink at Tian Xiang Fu!”

After President Pei heard this message from him, he couldn’t help but mutter, “Still Heavenly Fragrance Mansion, Master Don Albert doesn’t even care about you anymore, maybe in the future in Heavenly Fragrance Mansion, you’re not as good as I am.”

Sighing, President Pei threw his mobile phone aside and said to his wife in a self-congratulatory manner, “I’m not really falling on my sword, after all, the matter of fraud is something that Jacob did on his own, right wife.”

His wife busy said: “Of course you are not falling down the well, you just in time to draw a line with him, I see ah, you do not convene a few vice president tomorrow to open a small meeting, you simply call up all the people, everyone together to open a general meeting, and then Jacob still do not want to stay in the association this matter, to engage in a full association of the vote by a show of hands, to see the meaning of the people;”

“If everyone thinks that Jacob and Zhang Ermao do not matter, hope to keep him, then you do not have to worry, directly to keep him good;”

“But if everyone takes a stance and wants him to leave the Calligraphy and Painting Association, you don’t have to completely take the blame for this, after all, it’s the decision of the entire staff, you can count on being able to give yourself a block.”

President Pei picks up, “I’ll put it to you this way, Jacob even if there is no such thing, to engage in a full vote he must also have to leave, he is in our association inside the worst personnel, all know that he has no professional level, purely indiscriminate, I used to mention that before he came up, but also tops the great pressure.”

His wife nodded, laughed: “that’s just right, this time even if it’s a borrowed knife to kill, if he came to you after the fact to ask questions, you say that this is everyone’s intention, you can’t do anything about it, who let that fraud is his own do it? If you want to blame, you can only blame him, not you!”

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