The Mans Decree Chapter 3619

Igor coldly stared at Helmut, as clouds of blood mist around him continuously surged into his body.

All of these were powers within the arcane array, and Igor’s strength was rapidly escalating. And due to the absence of the arcane array’s support, Helmut’s strength was rapidly declining.

Helmut was thrown into panic, but as he observed the surrounding array runes flickering, he realized there was absolutely no way for him to escape.

“Igor, I… I was wrong! Please spare me…”

Helmut started begging for mercy again.

If he had known that Igor held the formation plate for the Sacrificial Blood Array, he would have never activated Heaven Array.

“You can beg for mercy from those disciples of Blood Spirit Valley.”

Igor sprang to his feet, and then promptly slapped Helmut across the face.


With this slap, Helmut was sent sprawling heavily onto the ground.

Igor didn’t hesitate, he immediately pursued, swiftly grabbing onto Helmut’s collar and launching his fists left and right.

Igor was venting his own fury. Dozens of his disciples had been slaughtered by Helmut. This kind of rage, only Igor himself could truly understand.

Igor, carrying Helmut, struck him from the sky to the ground. Helmut didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

Upon witnessing this scene, Montane Daemon heaved a sigh of relief. He now understood why Kai had forbidden him from intervening.

It turned out that Kai had a hunch, he knew that Igor was certain not to lose. In the midst of the Sacrificial Blood Array, Helmut was seen being beaten to a state of utter disarray.

However, Igor did not deal a fatal blow. It wasn’t that Igor didn’t want to kill him, but rather, he wanted to make Helmut’s fate even more tragic.

Igor grabbed Helmut by the collar, repeatedly slamming him onto the ground. The disciples of Bloodroot Peak, upon seeing Helmut’s condition, were all wide-eyed, not daring to even let out a peep.

The elder of Bloodroot Peak also had an extremely unsightly expression, his eyes filled with panic.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Helmut was left with only a breath of life at this moment.

Igor slowly loosened his grip, and Helmut collapsed onto the ground with a thud.

As Igor put away the formation plate, the Sacrificial Blood Array gradually disappeared as well.

Looking at Helmut, who was barely hanging on to life, there seemed to be no mercy in Igor’s eyes. By now, Igor no longer considered Helmut as his fellow junior.

“Igor, I beg of you…”

Helmut spat out fresh blood from his mouth, pleading for mercy even on the brink of death. It was clear that this fellow’s will to live was incredibly strong.

Regrettably, Igor would not let him live.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Igor lifted his foot and firmly stomped down.


In an instant, Helmut’s body was reduced to a pile of mush, even his soul was obliterated under this crushing blow.

After killing Helmut, Igor seemed to have been drained of his strength in an instant, slumping to the ground.

Igor tilted his head back and roared, “My disciples, you may rest easy now!”

Helmut had died. The disciples of Bloodroot Peak, one by one, were trembling, their eyes filled with terror.

Now that Helmut was dead, they were next in line.

They had just witnessed Igor’s strength with their own eyes. With Montane Daemon involved, there was no way they could have been a match for them.

“Igor, what should we do with these disciples from Bloodroot Peak?” Montane Daemon asked. If Igor were to order him to kill them, he would strike without hesitation.

In an instant, all the disciples of Bloodroot Peak turned their gaze toward Igor. Their lives hung on a single command from Igor.

Watching the disciples of Bloodroot Peak, Igor slowly rose to his feet.

“Now that Helmut is gone, are you guys willing to accompany me to Blood Spirit Valley, to restore its former glory?” Igor asked.

Originally from the same lineage, these disciples from the Bloodroot Peak, if they could be brought back to the Blood Spirit Valley, would only need to slightly adjust their cultivation methods to fully adapt to the conditions of the Blood Spirit Valley.

Now, there was no one left in the Blood Spirit Valley. If they were to cultivate it bit by bit, it would require a great deal of time.

At that time, all the disciples at Bloodroot Peak were readily available, so Igor wanted to take them back to Blood Spirit Valley.

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