The Mans Decree Chapter 3620

Listening to Igor’s words, the disciples of Bloodroot Peak were all taken aback, thinking they must have heard wrong.

They believed that even if Igor didn’t kill them, he would incapacitate them, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Unexpectedly, Igor was actually planning to take them to the Blood Spirit Valley.

“Many thanks to Mr. Lothian, I am willing to follow you till the end…”

The elder from Bloodroot Peak reacted the fastest, immediately kneeling before Igor to pledge his loyalty.

Upon seeing this, the other disciples of Bloodroot Peak also knelt down in reverence one after another. All these people were willing to follow Igor to the Blood Spirit Valley.

After all, Blood Spirit Valley was the right path. Bloodroot Peak was what Helmut had established after he had left.

“All right, then. Please stand up, all of you.”

With a raise of his hand, Igor had all the disciples of Bloodroot Peak stand up.

“Mr. Chance, thank you so much for allowing me to avenge the disciples of the Blood Spirit Valley. The debt of gratitude we owe you in the Blood Spirit Valley is immeasurable and can never be fully repaid.”

Igor walked up to Kai, speaking as he was about to kneel down.

If it hadn’t been for Kai, Igor might have never known that this was something Helmut would actually do.

“Mr. Lothian, you’re too kind!” Kai hurriedly held Igor steady.

“Mr. Chance, now that Igor’s great vengeance has been avenged, we should hurry back. After all, there are people everywhere looking for you,” Montane Daemon said.

Kai addressed the two, saying, “Mr. Lothian, Mr. Daemon, you two should return to the Blood Spirit Valley first. I want to take a stroll at the peak of Demonia Mountain to see if I can find Demonia Stone. Additionally, I also wanted to explore the Demon Swallowing Cave, to see what kind of extraordinary adventures Pablo really had in there.”

“I’ll accompany you, Mr. Chance. The depths of Demonia Mountain are quite dangerous, especially the Demon Devouring Cave. I’m afraid you might be in danger if you go alone,” Montane Daemon said.

“Mr. Daemon, I’ve altered my appearance and suppressed my aura. Unless someone is particularly familiar with me, they won’t recognize me. You can rest assured. Moreover, in the vicinity of Demonia Mountain, I observed that the various sects were relatively mild. The three tribes could coexist peacefully, so there shouldn’t be any danger,” Kai explained.

“Mr. Chance, there’s something you may not know. This place, known as Demonia Mountain, was once the territory of the demons. Later, it became a battlefield during the Celestial Battle, resulting in the deaths of many Demonic Cultivators. However, many Demonic Cultivators managed to survive. Some of these cultivators, notorious for their wicked deeds, took refuge deep within Demonia Mountain.

These cultivators committed atrocities at will. In their understanding, there are simply no rules to abide by. Over the years in the southern region, especially around Demonia Mountain, the three tribes have been getting along quite well. As a result, those wicked Demonic Cultivators have been hiding deep within Demonia Mountain, not daring to show themselves. If you encounter these people, they won’t care about any rules or norms,” Montane Daemon said, expressing his concerns with a worried look on his face.

Kai lifted his head to gaze at the towering mountain peak that reached into the clouds, and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “What? Could there still be Demonic Cultivators at the peak of Demonia Mountain’s depths?”

Life atop the peak of Demonia Mountain would undoubtedly be extremely arduous. Living in such a place would certainly be miserable.

“Of course, there are. However, most of those Demonic Cultivators cultivated using the souls of vengeful spirits. That’s why they would indiscriminately kill the innocent, committing all sorts of evil deeds.

It was precisely because of this fraction of Demonic Cultivators that Demonic Cultivator were perceived as demons, with everyone calling for our heads. In reality, not all Demonic Cultivators are mindless killers. It’s just that our cultivation methods and philosophies differ from those of other cultivators, which is why we are referred to as Demonic Cultivators.

Within the realm of Demonic Cultivators, many originated from human cultivators. In essence, there isn’t much difference among the three races, all striving for ascension to immortality. However, after the Celestial Battle, Demonic Cultivators became as despised as public enemies. Regardless of their nature, as long as one was a Demonic Cultivator, they were automatically labeled as villains.”

Montane Daemon heaved a light sigh, appearing utterly helpless.

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