The Mans Decree (chinese) 3689

After all, with their strength, there was no way to stop Ning Zhi!

“Kai, when I recover my flesh, I’ll come back for you……”

Ning Zhi glanced at the mountain cave and his figure instantly disappeared!

He wouldn’t wait here for Kai to come out and then follow him in a life and death duel, he wasn’t that stupid!

Ning Zhi’s purpose was to obtain the Heavenly Demon Stone, and since the Heavenly Demon Stone was in his hands, nothing else mattered!

As for killing Kai, there would be plenty of time after recovering his physical body!

This fellow, Ning Zhi, had a very flexible mind, and it was this that repeatedly caused Kai great difficulties!

After Ning Zhi left, Zeng Nian An sighed helplessly!

He was not in charge of Kai in the mountain cave, but left with the Heavenly Demon Sect disciples!

He knew that it was impossible for Kai to bring out the gongfa intensively!

What’s more, now that the only Heavenly Demon Stone was gone, what would the Heavenly Demon Sect use as a reward to find someone to take out the Gong Fa Intensive in the future?

Soon, only Patriarch Jiang and the others were left in front of the mountain cave waiting bitterly for Kai!

But this wait was a day and a night!

“Master, after such a long time, Mr Chen hasn’t come out, could something have happened inside?”

Jiang Yulian said with great concern!

Patriarch Jiang frowned, he also didn’t know what had happened to Kai!

“I’m going to find Mr Chen ……”

Ochre Yan couldn’t wait any longer, he was going to go in and look for Kai, whether Kai was dead or alive, he had to go and see!

“Brother Yan, you can’t go, with your strength, going in is looking for death!”

Jiang Yulian stopped Ochre Yan!

Seeing this, Zheng Jian hurriedly said “Sister, he wants to go in to have a look, let him go, if there is any danger, just come out quickly, besides, Sect Master Zeng also said that he will only be knocked out by the taboo, and will not be in danger of his life.”

Zheng Jian wanted Ochre Yan to go in, it would be better if he died in there!

“Then why don’t you go in and take a look ……”

Jiang Yulian looked at Zheng Jian and said angrily!

Zheng Jian was speechless and didn’t know how to answer!

Right at this moment, suddenly the colours of the sky and earth changed, and a large amount of black clouds came from the distance!

This sudden change caused Patriarch Jiang and all of them to be startled!

It was thought that some expert had come!

But after these black clouds converged overhead, Patriarch Jiang then saw that these were thunder tribulation clouds!

The thunder tribulation clouds covered the entire Heavenly Demon Sect, and within the thunder tribulation clouds, one could clearly see a streak of lightning constantly streaking by!

“Who in the Heavenly Demon Sect is about to break through? Could it be Sect Master Zeng?”

Patriarch Jiang looked at the blackened thunder tribulation cloud and asked with some confusion!

The higher the realm, the more powerful the thunder tribulation cloud would be, and the more powerful the tribulation would be!

Looking at this thunder tribulation cloud, it should be a Transition Realm expert making a breakthrough!

Meanwhile inside the Heavenly Demon Sect’s main hall, Zeng Nian An was drinking decadently, the only Heavenly Demon Stone had also been snatched away, and they were afraid that the Heavenly Demon Sect wouldn’t be able to survive in the future.

“Sect master, someone is making a breakthrough, there are many thunderbolt clouds floating in the sky ……”

A Heavenly Demon Sect disciple ran and said to Zeng Nian An!

“Who is breaking through?”

Zeng Nian’an was stunned and hurriedly ran out to check!

After all, he is the master of the door, the Heavenly Demon Sect who breakthrough, he is aware of, but he did not find the Heavenly Demon Sect disciples to breakthrough ah!

Looking at the dark and boundless thunderbolt clouds in the sky, Zeng Nian An was also confused!

He really couldn’t understand, in his Heavenly Demon Sect here, in the end, who is breaking through?

And looking at the scale of this thunderbolt cloud, it should still be an expert of the Transition realm breaking through!

All the disciples of the Heavenly Demon Sect ran out and looked at the sky incredulously!

At this moment, the entire Heavenly Demon Sect had become dim!

Within the Thunder Tribulation Cloud, countless lightning bolts were travelling, as if they were accumulating power and waiting for the arrival of the Thunder Tribulation!

Rumbling …………

Suddenly, a deafening sound came from the sky, and then the countless lightning bolts within the Thunder Tribulation Cloud began to converge together!

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