The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6499

Now that both parties had reached a consensus, Helena took out her pen and perfected the details of the contract.

  The whole process was recorded with a mobile phone. Coupled with Helena’s identity as the Queen of Northern Europe and the high traffic on the Internet, she was not worried at all that Howard would dare to go back on his word.

  After the two parties determined the terms of the contract, Howard wrote his name on the contract, and then the two parties exchanged agreements and the contract became official.

  After everything was settled, Helena put away the contract, turned off the video on her phone, and said: “Mr. Rothschild, happy cooperation!”

  Howard quickly asked her: “Your Majesty the Queen… now… can you give me the elixir now? “

  Of course.” Helena handed the elixir to him without hesitation and said, “Although our Nordic royal family doesn’t have much money, we always attach great importance to the spirit of contract.”

  Howard stretched out his hand and tremblingly handed the elixir to him. He took it and was about to ask Helena how to take it. Helena spoke first and said, “Just take it.”

  After hearing this, Howard no longer hesitated and took the elixir directly. In the mouth.

  In an instant, the elixir in his mouth turned into a heat flow that was several times stronger than before, and quickly flowed into his abdomen.

  Howard felt like a deflated balloon that was quickly filled with gas. He could only lie half-lying on the bedside, but he immediately felt that his body had regained strength, and this sense of strength was much greater than before.

  With a little effort, Howard sat up from the bed, and he was extremely surprised to find that his body no longer twitched or shook.

  He was so excited that he quickly tried to walk on the ground. As a result, the strength of his legs and the stability of his body exceeded his expectations.

  He had not had a stroke, and his body was already relatively weak. Although he did not need a cane to walk, he was still stumbling. But now, he tried to take a few steps. It cannot be said that he walked quickly, but at least he was much more stable. When he stepped out with his legs The strength and support after landing have been greatly improved.

  Recalling the feeling of being useless in bed after having a stroke, Howard wished he could have laughed up to the sky like “Hahahahahahahahaha”!

  After walking several times in the extremely spacious and oversized ward, Howard couldn’t bear to stop. Instead, he became more and more excited as he walked.

  Helena was dizzy as he was dangling in front of her eyes, so she said: “That’s it, Mr. Rothschild, don’t leave anymore, you haven’t given me the money yet.”

  Howard was stunned for a moment, and then he turned around. Suddenly, he realized that he had not fulfilled his contract, so he smiled a little apologetically and said: “I’m sorry, Your Majesty, I’m really a little excited, please forgive me!”

  After saying that, he immediately said: “Forty billion pills. The fee, 50 billion deposit, 90 billion US dollars, I will have someone pay it immediately, and the money will be directly transferred to the account on the contract, right?”

Helena nodded: “Yes, thanks Mr. Rothschild, please arrange it directly.”

  After saying that, Helena said with a smile: “Mr. Rothschild, have you noticed that you no longer stutter.”

  ”Yes. Oh!” Howard held his right hand in front of him and shook his head a few times, exclaiming in wonder: “It’s amazing, it’s really amazing! This elixir is really amazing!”

  After sighing with emotion, he didn’t waste any time and directly picked up his phone and chatted with himself Contact the financial director and ask the other party to arrange transfer payment.

  Ninety billion US dollars is an astronomical figure for any country or group, especially such a large amount of cash, which is simply unimaginable.

  But to the Rothschild family, this amount of money is nothing, not even pocket money.

  The financial strength of the Rothschild family has long been beyond the ability of outsiders to estimate.

  Over the years, they have made explicit and implicit investments in countless fields. All offshore companies registered in the Cayman Islands and Virgin Islands, as long as they have not been listed, do not need to disclose shareholder information. Among them, there are There is no way to verify the actual value of a large number of companies owned or even controlled by the Rothschild family.

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