The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6500

  Even for listed companies, only the primary market will disclose shareholder information. The secondary market buys and holds through various channels, and it is impossible to count at all.

  Moreover, the Rothschild family has investments in real estate, energy, mining, transportation, etc. all over the world. It can be said that no matter which industry comes to the fore, the Rothschild family can grab huge wealth from it.

  During the colonial period, Britain was known as the Empire on which the sun never sets because they had their own colonies in almost every time zone. No matter where the sun shone, they had a piece of their territory.

  The Rothschild family is an empire on which the sun never sets in the economic field. As long as they can make money in almost every field in the world, they have a presence, so no matter where the wind blows, there must be a place for them.

  Just like the explosive development of AI, the Rothschild family has made a profit of at least US$300 billion from NVIDIA’s shareholding alone, which does not include the value generated by their investment in the AI ​​industry.

  For such a powerful financial empire, if their funds were truly audited, they would probably be worth more than 10 trillion US dollars.

  Therefore, Howard secretly transferred 90 billion US dollars in cash to the bank account of the Nordic royal family in Switzerland with just a phone call and some instructions.

  Helena finally breathed a sigh of relief after receiving the notification that the funds had arrived.

  Then he remembered charlie Wade’s instructions and said to Howard: “To be honest, Mr. Rothschild, if this kind of elixir were placed at auction, it would be impossible to sell it at such a low price. The reason why I brought it I came to sell it to you. On the one hand, I am very interested in your AI, and on the other hand, it is also based on the filial piety of your son Steve.”

Beating him violently first and then giving him a candy is charlie Wade’s specialty, and Steve is no exception. He wants Steve to feel the pain from the inside out, and at the same time, he can clearly feel the sweetness in his mouth. Taste, so he told Helena not to forget to leave some credit for Steve.

  ”Oh?” Howard asked curiously: “Steve knows that Her Majesty the Queen has this magical medicine?”

  Helena shook her head: “That’s not true, but he did appear to be in great pain after hearing that you had a stroke. I It can also be seen that he really cares about you.”

  After a pause, Helena added: “I think everyone who is filial to their parents deserves respect. It was also his filial piety that moved me, so I thought I brought the elixir to New York to visit you, and see if we can make a deal, which can be regarded as saving half of your life.”

  Howard was surprised. He didn’t expect that his eldest son would care so much about his body. It was indeed a bit… More than he expected.

  After all, when my father was critically ill, I was very excited and excited. Even now, I still remember it fresh. 

  Therefore, this made him think that Steve’s affection for his father might be greater than his attraction to the heir.

  This really made him feel gratified, and it also made his affection for Steve grow a lot.

  Helena saw that he seemed to be deep in thought, so she said abruptly: “Mr. Rothschild, it is indeed very gratifying for you to have such a filial son. I believe that after he officially succeeds to the throne today, he will definitely take care of Rothschild.” The Childe family is doing well. After all, the highest level of business is to serve people with virtue.”

  When Howard heard this, he couldn’t help but trembled even though he had already completely recovered from the stroke.

  It was indeed gratifying that his son was filial, but when he thought about the family meeting that was scheduled to be held at ten o’clock in the morning, he couldn’t help but become nervous, thinking: “I am gratified and touched, but since my body has fully recovered, what about the handover to the patriarch?” The positioning matter must be put on hold for the time being! I didn’t want to pass the position to Steve so early. The previous decision to pass the position was a helpless move after a stroke. Now that my body has recovered, there is no possibility of passing the position!”

  thought of it ! At this point, he couldn’t help but think to himself: “Although this would be unfair to Steve, I believe that since my son is so filial to me and regards my body as more important than his succession, he will definitely not take this seriously.” How much does he have an opinion?”

  ”Besides, even if he has an opinion, I can compensate him. Haven’t I never fully finalized the identity of the heir before? This time, I might as well take advantage of the ten o’clock family meeting to discuss it directly. Give him death! Let him at least have some reassurance!”

Seeing that Howard kept his head down silently and thinking, Helena knew that he would definitely not pass on the title of head of the family to Steve as planned.

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