The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6501

  As expected, Howard raised his head, smiled, and said: “Your Majesty, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come to New York to attend the internal meeting of the Rothschild family to establish the heir. With your attendance, the Rothschild family has flourished. Hui!”

  Helena pretended to be surprised and asked: “Isn’t it going to announce Steve’s succession today? How come the heir has been determined?”

  Howard waved his hand and said with a slightly embarrassed smile: “The plan can’t keep up with the changes. , Changes can’t defeat the plan. Before this morning, I never thought that I could recover again, don’t you think?”

  Helena smiled slightly: “Part of the reason why you can recover is Steve’s. Filial piety moved God.”

  Helena said this, but she couldn’t help thinking in her heart: “Howard really regretted it, which completely confirmed Mr. Wade’s speculation that Mr. Wade always predicts things like a god!”

  In fact, it was not charlie is like a god, he just sees through people’s hearts.

  Since Howard planned to pass on the position of head of the family to Steve because of his helpless stroke, then as long as his stroke is cured, he will definitely give up this idea.

  Sometimes, the logic of human nature is the same as that of chemical reactions.

  After water is electrolyzed, oxygen and hydrogen will be generated. This is the formula of the chemical reaction. If the electricity is unplugged, the water will still be water.

  Howard was the patriarch of the family, and it was water;

  but when he suddenly suffered a stroke, it was electricity;

  the oxygen and hydrogen produced by the electrolysis of water were the result of Howard’s plan to give way to his son Steve.

  Therefore, only after Howard, the patriarch of the family, suffered a stroke, would the result be that he gave way to Steve.

  Now that the key condition of stroke is gone, it is equivalent to unplugging the power. Then the result of Steve succeeding as the patriarch will naturally be gone.

  Because of this, in charlie Wade’s opinion, if Howard continues to pass on the throne after recovering from his illness, it is equivalent to a pool of water left to dry and it will decompose into hydrogen and oxygen. That is a ghost.

  At this moment, Helena sighed and said to Howard: “Mr. Rothschild, since your plan has changed, I will not participate in the next meeting.”

  Howard asked puzzledly: “What’s wrong with Her Majesty the Queen? ” Don’t want to participate?

  You’re already here, why not stay and guide and witness.” Helena shook her head and said, “In addition to making deals with you, Mr. Rothschild, I am here to establish a relationship with the patriarch of the Rothschild family. A basis for future communication. If Steve takes over today, I should naturally witness it on the spot and establish a good communication basis with the new patriarch. However, Mr. Rothschild does not plan to retire now, so I will come to New York this time. All goals have been achieved, and it would be a waste of time to stay.”

  Howard understood the meaning of her words immediately and said with a smile: “Her Majesty the Queen is indeed a master of negotiation. You are so young and can negotiate well. I have never seen someone with such good rhythm control before! With Her Majesty the Queen at the helm of the Nordic royal family, it will surely skyrocket!”

  Helena smiled and said: “Mr. Rothschild thinks too highly of me, I can control it well. The rhythm is entirely because I have a good teacher.”

  Howard quickly asked: “I wonder who the teacher of Her Majesty the Queen is. If there is a chance, I would also like to meet him!”

  Helena said lightly: “My teacher’s behavior style He is relatively low-key and doesn’t like the vanity of fame, but I believe that Mr. Rothschild will have a chance to meet him in the future.”

  Howard smiled politely and said: “That would be great!”

  Helena said Shi Bian said: “It’s getting late, Mr. Rothschild, I’ll take my leave first.”

  Howard nodded, and when he saw Helena turning to leave, he thought of something, and quickly stopped her and said: “By the way, Her Majesty the Queen!”

  Helen Na turned around and asked curiously: “What else can Mr. Rothschild do?”

  Howard asked with concern: “I wonder if Her Majesty the Queen’s magical oriental pills are still available? If so, I I want to buy more.”

  Helena shook her head: “Mr. Rothschild, this kind of miraculous elixir is rare but hard to come by. Each one requires great opportunity. Think about it, one person, in a lifetime, How many times can we have the opportunity to escape death and get a blessing in disguise?”

  Howard said with a smile: “People are greedy. Although I had such an opportunity once, I really hope to have a second time, or even a third time. Three times, if Her Majesty the Queen has this opportunity, please don’t be stingy, I will definitely give Her Majesty the Queen a satisfactory price!”

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