The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6502

  ”A satisfactory price?” Helena muttered, deliberately smacking her lips, and said with a bit of disgust. : “With all due respect, considering your worth, Mr. Rothschild, you are really not a good buyer. I believe that even if I still have this elixir, I will never trade with you again in the future. “

  Howard subconsciously asked: “Why did Her Majesty the Queen say this?”

  Helena pursed her lips, shrugged, and said lightly: “Maybe it’s because I don’t like bargaining. If there is a next time, I will find someone. A more cheerful buyer will save time and feel better at the same time. You are also in business and must have been a seller. When you are a seller, the buyer opposite will always be preoccupied, hesitant, and even doubt you. Integrity and the authenticity of the goods you sell, you will definitely not be happy. “

  Howard knew that Helena was mocking his bargaining behavior just now.

  At this moment, although he felt a little unhappy, he also realized a big problem.

  If what Helena said was not angry, then wouldn’t he be missing out? The next chance to renew his life?

  Thinking of this, he suddenly felt very regretful about his bargaining behavior just now.

  So, he said without hesitation: “Your Majesty, don’t be angry. I am a businessman after all, and I am used to bargaining. Even if It’s only a dime, and I will try to keep the price down. If Her Majesty the Queen feels uncomfortable, then I won’t make a counter-offer at all. I will make up for the 10 billion U.S. dollars for you, right away, so that you Is it okay to watch? Helena

  waved her hand: “No, no, as you said, purchasing the hardware of the AI ​​model also costs money. I would rather suffer a loss myself than let you suffer a loss. After all, Mr. Rothschild, you are so old. I had another stroke. If I suffered a loss, affected my mood, and got sick again in the future, wouldn’t I become a sinner? “

  No, no, no! ” “Howard could no longer care about being ridiculed. He hurried to Helena and said very excitedly: “Purchasing hardware for Her Majesty the Queen is what we should do. Her Majesty the Queen must not be polite. “

  As he spoke, he said with a look of regret: “Your Majesty the Queen, I am old, and I have many old habits left over from decades in my thinking mode. Bargaining is one of them. But please don’t worry, Your Majesty the Queen. In the future, our Ross When the Childe family does business with Her Majesty the Queen, they will never bargain again! “

  Experiencing the powerful efficacy of the blood-dispersing and heart-saving pill, Howard keenly realized that this thing must be a life-saving artifact.

  Although he has recovered now, he is old after all, and other problems will definitely be inevitable in the future.

  And the doctor also said, Stroke is very easy to recur. Almost 20% of stroke patients will have a second stroke within five years. If it happens again, my body may not be able to bear it.

  Therefore, if you can buy an extra blood-sparing and heart-saving pill, or pre-order one, you can sit back and relax.

  He is not sure whether Helena has a second one now, but he knows that he cannot let Helena leave New York with opinions and dissatisfaction. In that case, if he wants to buy it again in the future, he may really have no chance.

  Helena saw Howard’s anxious face, which almost contained one sentence: “We can’t let her run away.” She found it funny and couldn’t help but ask: “Mr. Rothschild, will this make you too embarrassed?” Embarrassed? Or forget it. You are so old. If you are unhappy because of money matters, how can I feel good about it? Business is second, and health is first.” Howard

  knew Helena was teasing herself, so she could only bite the bullet and apologize and said with a smile: “No, no! This is the money that should be given to Her Majesty the Queen. If this money was not given to Her Majesty the Queen, I would be unhappy and even have trouble sleeping and eating. Ann! So please don’t refuse Her Majesty the Queen!”

  Helena thought for a moment and then said helplessly: “Since Mr. Rothschild said so, well, I will be disrespectful.”

  Howard said Hearing this, he felt more excited than making money. He immediately contacted his financial manager again and blurted out: “Hurry, add another 10 billion US dollars to the account just now!” After saying that,

  he glanced at Helena, Seeing that Helena’s expression was extremely calm, she was worried and said quickly: “No, no, no, send one hundred and fifty…oh no! Send twenty billion!”

  As his most trusted confidant, the other party immediately said: “Okay. Sir, please wait a minute, I will make arrangements.”

  Helena raised her eyebrows slightly, but said nothing. After Howard hung up the phone, she pretended to be surprised and asked: “Mr. Rothschild, what did you just say? Isn’t it inappropriate to remit 20 billion?”

  Howard also saw through Helena. This woman is also a superb actress. If you really think it’s inappropriate, you should have said it earlier. You didn’t say it until you hung up the phone. It’s too obvious that she’s fake. Already?

  However, he now understands that Helena, who is in her twenties, is definitely not someone to be trifled with. Since he wants something from her, he must not have any thoughts of bargaining, otherwise he will be the one who suffers in the end.

  Now that I’m quite old, it’s not a good feeling to lose money and lose people.

  So, he hurriedly said: “Your Majesty the Queen, this 10 billion is to make up for your payment, and the other 10 billion is a little bit of my thoughts. I did do something inappropriate just now. Please give me a million dollars.” Do not mind!”

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