The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6503

 After confirming that the 20 billion U.S. dollars had arrived, Helena looked at Howard and said with a smile: “Mr. Rothschild, the money has been received. This time I will let you spend money. Happy cooperation! I will return to Northern Europe in two days. I hope that when I arrive in Northern Europe, your AI team will also arrive at the same time.”

  Howard blurted out without hesitation: “Don’t worry, Her Majesty the Queen! I will ask them to prepare immediately and go over early to do preliminary planning and preparations!”

  When Helena succeeded When he sold the Blood-Spreading Pill and a set of AI models for 60 billion US dollars, Steve, twenty meters away from the ward door, and his son Royce, who had just arrived, were anxiously looking at the time.

  In his opinion, the old father’s meeting with Helena took a little too long. It was not that he had any objections to the meeting between the two, but mainly because he was worried that it would delay the family meeting later.

  After all, the meeting officially begins at ten o’clock, and that will be a critical moment for him to reach the highest peak of his life.

  At such an important time, why can’t we get a wheelchair before half past nine and push the old man to the venue in a hurry?

  Today is a great day for me to succeed as the patriarch of the family, and of course I don’t want to delay it for a minute.

  When I was anxious, the ward door opened.

  Helena walked out of the ward.

  Seeing this, Steve quickly ran over with Royce.

  After all, he was also concerned about whether the old man could persuade Helena to marry into the family.

  If he could be convinced, then wouldn’t Helena be his future daughter-in-law?

  The medical staff behind him also ran over quickly.

  They were worried about the old man’s health. The old man couldn’t speak well and was accompanied by hemiplegia and convulsions. In this case, it was not suitable to talk too much. But they didn’t expect to chat with Helena for so long, so they had to go and see the old man’s current body. If there is any problem, it will be troublesome.

  However, before the two groups of people reached the door of the ward, a scene appeared that made them feel like they were struck by lightning.

  Helena turned back to the door and said, “Mr. Rothschild, there is no need to see me off.”

  Immediately afterwards, old Howard’s figure walked out of the door as if nothing happened. As he walked, he was polite to Helena: “It is a great honor for Her Majesty the Queen to come to New York to see me in person. As the head of the Rothschild family, how could I not send it off in person?”

  Steve, Royce, and the medical staff almost all Standing frozen on the spot.

  Everyone is asking themselves a question: What on earth is going on?

  Steve was also dumbfounded and thought to himself: “Yeah, what the hell is going on?”

  ”Wasn’t the old man lying on the bed shivering just now? He was stumbling when he spoke!”

  ”Why now… Why can’t you suddenly see nothing wrong now?! Are you coming back to your senses?!”

  Steve was a little suspicious of the world and rubbed his eyes. After making sure he saw it right, he didn’t bother to think about what was going on. He just took a few steps. He ran up to help Howard and said nervously: “Father! Why did you come out on your own? Your current physical condition can’t bear the torment…”

  Before Steve could finish speaking, Howard interrupted happily: “Shi Tiff, let me tell you some good news! My body is fine now! Everything has been cured! The stroke, partiality, stuttering, and shaking are all gone! Surprise or not? This is simply a medical miracle, hahahaha!”

  ” Wha…what?! So…he’s cured now?!” Steve was horrified, feeling as if his brain’s CPU had been burned by the old man’s words.

  He thought to himself: “What’s going on! He’s cured? Can’t he? Didn’t the doctor say it was a stroke? Hemiplegia! Moreover, the speech nerve was seriously affected, making it difficult to fully recover!”

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