The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6504


  the doctor also said Having said that, it is basically impossible to recover from neurological damage!” “

  Even if you actively participate in the best rehabilitation treatment in the world, it will only be a little better than it is now. If you can return to walking with crutches, that’s already it. God bless you!”

  Thinking of this, he turned to look at the attending doctor, with question marks and “F*ck you uncle” written all over his face.

  In fact, the attending doctor was even more confused at this time.

  Not to mention the CPU, it even burned out the memory and motherboard.

  He felt that all these years of medical skills he had learned were in vain.

  After practicing medicine for so many years and most of my life, who the hell has ever seen someone who just had a stroke, turned around and walked around numbly?

  The key point is that the old man was polite to the Queen. He was dancing, eloquent, and energetic. Even he couldn’t compare to him!

  He could only push up his glasses, and said in surprise, ignorance and surprise: “Medical miracle! This is the real medical miracle! Anyone who can cure a stroke will be honored by the Nobel Prize!”

  Shi When Tiff heard this, he wanted to kick him to the other end of the corridor, and cursed in his heart: “You b*tch, you know miracles with just one mouthful, don’t I F*cking know it’s a miracle? Do you even need to say that?!” “

  Howard saw Steve’s eyes widened and speechless. He was a little moved and a little ashamed and said: “Steve, good son, thank you for your filial piety. Her Majesty the Queen was moved by your filial piety and sent it to me. After receiving the special medicine to treat stroke, I am now cured!”

  Steve looked at Helena with a confused look on his face, and subconsciously asked: “Her Majesty the Queen…this…this…what the hell is going on? Huh?”

  Helena smiled slightly, looked at Steve, and said earnestly: “Mr. Rothschild, this is the miracle you prayed to God, and God answered you! The miracle has arrived!” “

  I Your mother…” Steve’s expression was stunned, and his face was even sadder than his dead son. He thought to himself: “I…I didn’t really ask God to F*cking ask me!”

  Helena saw that his expression was a little painful, and she couldn’t control it anymore. I was afraid that Howard would be suspicious of the control, so he said with a serious face: “Sir, don’t be too surprised. Remember, Matthew Chapter 7, verse 7, says, ‘Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.’ (Note: ask, anditshallbegivenyou; seek,andyeshallfind; knock,anditshallbeopeneduntoyou) This is God’s kindness to believers!” Helena said again

  : “Even in the most difficult moments of my life, I still insisted on praying to God every day, and encouraged myself with this verse, telling myself that God would never abandon me!” “

  So, I ushered in the opportunity of life, Achieved a reversal in life and became the Queen of Northern Europe!”

  ”So, please remember that God will not let you walk alone!”

  ”My mother…” Steve was speechless after hearing these words. He was speechless, but in his heart, he already wanted to kill the god.

  He never dreamed that things that had been going very smoothly would suddenly take a turn for the worse at the last step!

  And the key to the problem actually lies with God!

  Oh no!

  It’s because of Helena!

  Even if eight more big heads were attached to his neck, he would never have expected that Helena, a Nordic queen and a big internet celebrity from a European royal family, could cure the old man’s stroke and create a F*cking… Medical miracle.

  There is simply no sense of martial ethics!

  It’s as weird as if you asked a cleaning lady to come home to clean, and she found that your computer’s CPU was broken, and used an embroidery needle to cut out a brand new CPU for you.

  The point is, the CPU she dug out is a lot better than your original one. How can you argue with this!

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