The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6507


  Helena’s words made Steve’s liver tremble.

  If Helena’s words just now were a warning to herself, then these last words were a naked threat! In just a few words, you can hear the murderous intent!

  Steve was not a fool. He could immediately figure out the stakes. He thought to himself: “After this old man’s experience of taking the elixir to recover, he will definitely become extremely dependent. He will be reborn next time.” If he becomes ill or his life is in danger again, he will definitely get a pill to extend his life at all costs.”

  ”Once the old man enters the state of “at all costs”, he will be able to follow any rules. Broken.”

  ”Take the Sifang Baozhu last time as an example. The old man didn’t even discuss it with me, the eldest son, and directly issued a decision. Whoever finds the Sifang Baozhu and brings it back to the Rothschild family , who will be the next heir? Isn’t this just a hooligan?” “

  With this precedent, you don’t have to think about it. If the old man needs elixirs next time and can’t get them, he will definitely enact the same It was decided that whoever can get him a magical elixir can inherit the family…” “

  At that time, I, the eldest son, will be deprived of the qualification of the first heir at any time. If I really make charlie Wade dissatisfied, If he took a pill to cooperate with his other brothers, wouldn’t I be kicked out directly?!”

  Thinking of this, a thought suddenly flashed in his mind: “How about we just seize power with arms!”

  But this The thought only flickered for a moment and was immediately thrown out of his mind.

  He knew that even if he wanted to seize power with arms, he would have no chance.

  The roots of the Rothschild family are in New York. Although the security in the slums here is more chaotic than in Paris, the security in the wealthy areas is simply unparalleled. There are at least three police stations around the Rothschild family estate alone. There are several police helicopters equipped, and the police here are extremely dedicated. If anyone dares to steal a dog in a wealthy area, the police will chase him with helicopters.

  Moreover, the old man himself has a private armed force dedicated to protecting his personal safety. This private armed force serves the old man alone. Even his own sons are among the defense targets of these private armed forces.

  In addition, the old man has deep connections with various important departments in New York and even the United States. He even established a special fund for these departments. The scale of this fund is not large, only about one billion U.S. dollars, but the only thing this fund has The purpose is that once he dies unexpectedly, these departments will use this fund to investigate his death strictly. No matter who the culprit is, Rothschild’s strongest legal team will do their best to ensure that he gets justice. The most severe sentence.

  If he seizes power with force, there is a high probability that he will be killed before he succeeds. There is a small probability that although he succeeds, he will soon be punished by the law. Wouldn’t he be a bride for his other brothers? Clothes?

  Moreover, Steve suddenly thought of a question in his mind: “Actually, even if I become the patriarch of the Rothschild family in the future, I may not be able to do without charlie Wade’s help. I am already over fifty years old this year. If I wait any longer, If I can successfully succeed to the throne in a few years, then I will probably be over sixty. By then, I will only be able to sit in the position of clan leader for twenty years at most… But if charlie Wade can also sell me some pills, maybe, I will sit in the position of patriarch for thirty years or even longer in the future…”

  ”It seems like, no matter what, I can’t fall out with charlie Wade!”

  After thinking about it, Steve immediately put on a flattering look. With an expression on his face, he said to Helena: “Your Majesty the Queen, please tell Mr. Wade that I may have had other thoughts in the past, but please rest assured that from now on, I, Steve Rothschild, will always be my only one.” Mr. Wade is following his lead!”

  Helena smiled slightly: “Mr. Wade has returned to China. If you have a chance, you can tell him in person.”

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