The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6508

  ”I…” When Steve heard this, he felt aggrieved and useless.

  ”What the hell, you don’t have the right to express your loyalty in the air? Why don’t you rush to China and say it in front of charlie Wade?”

  Although Steve was depressed, he didn’t dare to say anything more. She could only say with a sorry smile: “Okay, okay, when I finish the things at hand, I will contact Mr. Wade and go to China to visit Mr. Wade in person!”

  Helena nodded: “That makes sense.”

  Steve When they were speechless and choked, the two of them had already walked to the helicopter, so Helena said: “Send Mr. Rothschild here, don’t you have a meeting at ten o’clock? It’s almost time.” Steve

  said with some respect: “Your Majesty the Queen, I will not send you back to Canada.”

  Helena nodded slightly and smiled in return. Her every frown and smile were extremely dignified, and her every move showed royal style.

  Steve looked at it and his heart trembled. He was not moved by Helena’s appearance and temperament, but felt that the more dignified Helena was, the more evil she looked to him.

  In his twenties, he speaks with murderous intent. How can this be compared to ordinary people?

  However, Steve did not dare to have any dissatisfaction. After watching Helena board the helicopter and watching the helicopter go away, he breathed a sigh of relief, turned around, and was about to go back, when he happened to meet his son Royce who was looking for him. .

  As soon as Royce saw him, he said hurriedly: “Dad, grandpa asked you to go directly to the family conference room after seeing off the queen. There is a meeting.”

  Steve said listlessly: “Okay, I understand, go now Right.”

  Royce, who was standing by him, saw that his father was a little depressed. He quickly lowered his voice and asked cautiously: “Dad, can you successfully succeed to the throne today?”

  Steve shook his head and said dejectedly: “Stop dreaming. Your grandfather will not keep his promise.”

  ”What?!” When Royce heard this, he immediately asked with a look of shock: “Why?! Didn’t I agree that we would hold a family meeting today to pass on the position of patriarch to Give it to you?!”

  Steve smiled bitterly: “What’s the use of agreeing? It’s not written in the contract. Isn’t it your grandpa who has the final say whether to give it or not?”

  Royce didn’t sleep last night , He just thought that after his father ascended to the throne today, he would also become the first heir of the family. By then, he did not know how many people would kneel down and lick him. He had even begun to imagine that the Nordic Queen Helena would throw herself into his arms. The picture of hugging.

  But I only had this sweet dream for one night, and my father actually said that there was no chance of succeeding to the throne. This… isn’t this a lie?

  Royce, who had never experienced social beatings, his eyes turned red in an instant, and he asked with a choked voice: “Dad, grandpa won’t let you succeed to the throne, then aren’t we happy in vain? If you don’t succeed, Queen Helena will still be here.” Are you willing to marry me?”

  Steve said dumbfounded: “Even if I succeed, Helena can’t marry you.”

  ”Why?” Royce asked in confusion: “Am I going to become Ross? Even after being the first heir to Childe, he can’t stand her eyes?”

  Steve thought of charlie Wade and said angrily: “This woman has sold her soul to the devil!”

  Royce thought his father meant this. It means that Helena has an evil character, so she subconsciously said: “It doesn’t matter, dad, I can do it.”

  Steve glared at him: “Is this something you can do?

  Royce looked confused: ” Helena came to see grandpa in person today. Doesn’t she want to get closer to us? Will you still refuse to marry us? “

  Steve kicked him and cursed: “Shut up, you! If you ever let me hear you mention the marriage with the Nordic royal family again, don’t blame me for slapping you with my big mouth!” …

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