The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6509


Royce felt extremely aggrieved.

But the grievance was a grievance. Facing his furious father, he did not dare to say even one more word.

So, without saying a word, the father and son came to the family meeting room one after another.

In this conference room that resembles a medieval European palace, almost all family members are already present.

However, the old man has not come yet.

Everyone knows that today must be the day when the old man passes the throne to Steve. After the old man announces it, Steve will officially become the leader of the entire Rothschild family. Therefore, although everyone has ugly expressions, I also thought in my heart that I would try my best to please Steve as much as possible later.

From now on, everyone’s resource income, as well as the power of life and death, will be in Steve’s hands.

Seeing the arrival of Steve and Royce, everyone, without exception, stood up from their seats. The feeling was very similar to the solemn feeling when generals saw the commander during a military meeting. Solemn.

Steve’s younger brothers all gathered around him eagerly and greeted him diligently.

Steve felt unhappy when he saw the false and flattering expressions of several people, but he still nodded to everyone very politely.

David Rothschild, the youngest brother, said very attentively: “Brother, I wanted to visit you last night, but your housekeeper said you would not accept guests behind closed doors. Tonight, you have to give my brother a chance no matter what.” , I have prepared some small gifts and want to deliver them to your house personally!”

Steve sneered and said, “David, you are really interested, but how can I have the nerve to ask you to spend money.”

David said hurriedly: “Brother, What else can you be polite to me about? We are brothers and sisters. You have loved me the most since we were children.”

Seeing David kneeling down and licking him first, the others didn’t fall behind for a moment and hurriedly tried to trick Steve. It’s almost.

Steve watched these people’s performances calmly, feeling increasingly sober.

He knew that once the old man failed to pass on the position of clan leader to him, these people would immediately change their attitude, and they would definitely fight openly and secretly with him again, in order to try their best to win the good impression of the old man and win the opportunity to replace him as the heir.

Therefore, as long as they cannot succeed to the throne today, these younger brothers will still strive to replace themselves. They will regard themselves as their biggest competitors and will never really bow to them.

At this time, the door of the conference room was pushed open. Everyone immediately followed the sound and saw the old butler opening the door of the conference room. Then, the old man Howard walked in with light steps.

When everyone saw Howard walking in, everyone was stunned.

Most people here have seen the old man suffering from a stroke, so they thought that the old man would have to be in a wheelchair and pushed in when he appeared today. But who would have thought that after not seeing him for one night, the old man would be completely sick. Got it!

However, they were shocked. Seeing that the old man looked as good as ever, these people all breathed a sigh of relief without exception.

In the Rothschild family, except for Steve’s family who hope that the old man will die soon, everyone else hopes that the old man will be healthy.

For these family members who are not destined to become heirs, their lives are best when the old man is healthy and in power. Once the old man becomes ill or dies, they will be purged and reduced by the new patriarch.

David Rothschild reacted the fastest. One second, he was surrounding Steve and seizing the closest and best position to Steve. The next second, he had already mentioned the crowd, He ran towards Howard quickly.

”Father!” David took the lead and rushed to Howard. He immediately supported Howard’s arm with his arm and said nervously: “Father, why did you come here on your own? There is nothing wrong with your body. Are you there?!”

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