The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6511


“The main reason I called everyone to the meeting today is to announce something.”

Hearing this, everyone stared intently. Looking at Howard, whether Steve can succeed will be revealed at this moment.

Only Steve himself knows that the possibility of him succeeding today is zero.

At this time, Howard cleared his throat and said very seriously: “I announce that from today on, Steve will officially become the first heir of the Rothschild family, and Royce will become the Rothschild family.” The second-in-line heir of the family! And I, while I can still move, will spend the rest of my time trying my best to lead the Rothschild family to a higher place!”

As soon as Howard said these words, the entire scene burst into applause!

The Rothschild family members, except Steve and Royce, jumped up and applauded wildly almost at the same time!

Like David Rothschild, he even shed tears of excitement involuntarily!

None of them wanted Howard to abdicate, let alone Steve to succeed.

Maintaining the status quo is their biggest extravagant hope, because maintaining the status quo can ensure that their current vested interests will not be greatly affected. Maybe if they make a great contribution in the future, they will have the opportunity to counterattack and replace Steve and become the new heir.

Originally, they thought that maintaining the status quo was an impossible dream, but unexpectedly, this dream actually came true.

Steve was hopeless at this time. He had already guessed that such a situation would happen, but he didn’t expect that his father could talk about it so grandly, which made him very angry.

However, fortunately among misfortunes, the old man has listed himself and his son as the first and second heirs. As a result, his chances of succeeding in the future will be much greater. As long as nothing happens in the middle, In the future, he will definitely be the next patriarch of the Rothschild family.

Howard looked at the reactions of most of his children and grandchildren at this time and felt very satisfied.

When he thought that he would still be able to give orders here in the next few years, he couldn’t help but sigh that the 60 billion was actually well spent. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: “Oh, this man has worked so hard to earn money for nothing. Just a few more years of good life? If there is a chance to live to be two hundred years old, what does it matter if half of the family property is given away to others?”

When Helena was two years old, she returned to Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

Along the way, she was thinking about how she should report to charlie Wade the progress she had made in New York.

Tell the truth? That is impossible.

Because charlie Wade had made an agreement with her before, Helena could take half of the price of the elixir.

This elixir was actually sold for 60 billion US dollars plus an AI model. The AI ​​model was a condition attached by charlie Wade, so it was not within the scope of the share. This also meant that if charlie Wade said it was true, he should get a share. Thirty billion dollars.

But how could he take away so much money from charlie Wade?

Helena could not convince herself of this point no matter what.

So, after thinking about it, she decided to lie to charlie Wade, report the Rothschild family’s 50 billion US dollars deposit to charlie Wade according to the sales volume, and told charlie Wade that the elixir had been bought for 111 billion US dollars, as agreed. , he took 55 billion of it and gave 55 billion to charlie Wade.

In this way, what he actually took away was only 5 billion US dollars.

This is already the highest commission Helena can accept in her heart.

After making up her mind, Helena took out her mobile phone and called charlie.

At this moment, charlie Wade is still on the plane returning to Aurous Hill, which is almost an hour’s flight away from Aurous Hill.

Since Sara was in the United States, after charlie Wade returned to the United States from Canada, he did not take the more eye-catching Concorde, but took an ordinary business jet, which made the journey back home much longer.

The plane was traveling at a slow speed and had to stop to replenish fuel, so it took more than ten hours to fly and it still hadn’t reached its destination.

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