The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6512


After receiving the voice call from Helena, charlie Wade guessed that she was announcing the good news to him, so after answering the call, he asked her with a smile: “Helena, have you left New York?” “

Yes.” Helena He said respectfully: “Mr. Wade, I have returned to Canada. I want to call you to report on my experience with the Rothschild family.”

charlie Wade said with a smile: “You tell me, I will listen.”

Helena Then he recounted the whole process of his meeting with Howard to charlie Wade in relatively detail.

When mentioning the price, she lied: “Mr. Wade, the final price that Howard and I reached was that he would pay US$110 billion in cash, plus build a complete AI model in Northern Europe and maintain it for at least twenty years. Update and upgrade.”

”Twelve hundred billion?” charlie Wade couldn’t help but be a little surprised, and said: “You really made Howard bleed!”

Helena smiled: “Who made him only willing to pay 100 million US dollars in the beginning? If he took the initiative to ask for 10 billion, I might raise it to 20 billion, which would be about the same. But when he asked for 100 million US dollars, he sounded like he had paid a sky-high price, so I thought I would just do nothing. , hit him hard.”

charlie Wade smiled and said: “The Rothschild family is as rich as any country, and it won’t hurt them to let them shed some blood. Howard should still feel that it is a good deal. “

Helena said with a smile: “In a few years, he will probably be willing to spend 200 billion US dollars to buy a pill.”

charlie Wade said: “It depends on his specific performance. If the performance I won’t sell any elixirs to him in the future.”

Helena on the other end of the phone said at this time: “By the way, Mr. Wade, when is it convenient for you, give me a bank card and I will transfer your Part of the money will be transferred to you.”

charlie Wade was about to agree, but suddenly felt that something was not right.

Based on Helena’s character, if this deal really amounts to 111 billion US dollars, she will definitely find various reasons to reduce her own share. If she wants her to take half of it as agreed, it will probably cost a lot. tongue.

But now Helena, without any hesitation, would directly settle the score 50-50 with her. This was very different from her usual behavior, which also made charlie Wade certain that there must be something fishy inside.

charlie Wade speculated in his mind that Helena had most likely lied to him. The actual transaction price should not be as high as 110 billion U.S. dollars. She most likely deliberately reported the price in order to reduce what she deserved. Thinking of this part of the reward

, he said to Helena: “You can hold this money for me first. I have no place to use the money, not to mention such a large amount of cash. I don’t have a suitable account on hand at the moment.” .”

charlie was worried that Helena would give most of the sales proceeds to him, so he planned not to accept the money until he figured it out.

What’s more, he is indeed not short of money now, and has abundant cash flow that cannot be exhausted. He does not need the more than 50 billion US dollars at all. It is better to leave the money in Helena’s hands first. On the one hand, it can prevent Helena from Give more. On the other hand, I am afraid that I will inevitably need a large amount of money in Europe and the United States in the future. If the money is in Helena’s hands, it will be more convenient to spend in Europe and the United States.

Helena still didn’t know charlie’s intention and thought that he really didn’t have a suitable account to collect the funds, so she asked him: “If you need a secret account, I can help you contact a Swiss bank and ask them to give it to you. Open an account with a high confidentiality level.”

”No need.” charlie Wade said with a smile: “Just leave it with you first. I will contact you when I need to use it.”

Helena hesitated for a moment, but agreed. , said: “Well, Mr. Wade, I will keep these 55 billion US dollars for you first.”


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