The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6513


When charlie Wade arrived in Aurous Hill, it was already past ten o’clock in the evening, Eastcliff time.

After charlie Wade passed the customs and completed the immigration procedures in Aurous Hill, he went directly to the VIP passage from inside the airport, took the special plane that the Wade family had been waiting for for a long time, and took off in the night, heading for Eastcliff.

Because charlie Wade’s grandfather was openly conducting in-depth investment cooperation with the government in Eastcliff during this period, charlie Wade was worried that Wu Feiyan’s men would monitor Eastcliff’s entry information, so charlie Wade decided to enter the country in Aurous Hill.

After entering Aurous Hill, you can then go to Eastcliff to bypass the international terminal and customs in Eastcliff. There are hundreds or thousands of domestic flights in Eastcliff every day. These passengers will definitely not be the target group monitored by the Qingqing Committee.

charlie Wade went to Eastcliff this time for only one purpose, which was to meet his grandfather, synchronize him with the situation in New York, and discuss the next countermeasures.

Knowing that charlie Wade was coming to Beijing tonight, charlie Wade’s uncles Asher and Li Yalin drove to the airport an hour in advance to greet him.

charlie Wade took off from Eastcliff and landed in Eastcliff two hours later. There was no need to go through customs for domestic flights, so the plane taxied directly to the hangar after landing.

The uncle and Li Yalin had been waiting in the hangar for a long time. The car they drove was parked here. The two of them were smoking outside the car guarding a trash can with an ashtray. They saw that the plane charlie Wade was on was finally slowly dragged into the hangar. In the hangar, both of them were happy. They threw their cigarette butts into the ashtray and strode towards the hatch.

The cabin door opened, charlie Wade stepped off the plane, and the two of them immediately greeted him.


”Mr. Wade!”

When the two saw charlie Wade, their happiness was beyond words.

charlie Wade also smiled and responded: “Uncle, Inspector Li.”

Asher smiled and patted charlie Wade’s shoulder, and asked with a smile: “You must be tired after coming back for so long, right?”

charlie Wade smiled and said: “I’m not tired. I no longer feel tired.”

”That’s good.” Asher nodded and said quickly: “Your grandpa knows that you came to Eastcliff tonight and has been waiting for you without sleeping. If you don’t If you’re tired, let’s hurry up and go there first.”

”Okay!” charlie Wade agreed without hesitation, and then got into the Asher car driven by the two of them.

charlie Wade noticed that the license plate number of this Asher car was very special. It seemed to be a special number section that is common in Beijing, so he asked: “Uncle, where did you get this car?”

Asher drove out of the hangar, While answering: “This is specially applied for by the department that receives our investment. It is mainly taken care of by the security department, and the safety factor is high.”

After saying that, Asher added: “The old man has been addicted to spending money recently. The total amount of cooperation discussed during this period has exceeded 100 billion U.S. dollars. They are all promising local industries and their coverage is very wide. In a few days, your second uncle and I will go to the south. We will invest in a lithium battery. The company is planning to build a top-level power lithium battery production and R&D base in the south, specializing in the development of high-density power lithium batteries required for new energy vehicles. Next, your second uncle also plans to directly build a new energy vehicle brand and leverage on domestic The top supply chain in the new energy field is directly engaged in vehicle manufacturing.”

charlie Wade asked curiously: “It seems that Anjia has not been involved in the manufacturing industry before. Why did it directly engage in vehicle manufacturing this time? This industry has a long investment cycle. , it also takes up a lot of energy, and the profit margins are not very optimistic.”

Asher explained with a smile: “New energy is indeed the general direction of future automobile development. The world is promoting carbon neutrality and meeting carbon standards. New energy companies It is the top priority to achieve carbon standards. Moreover, the cost of clean energy is lower and it does not rely on imports. It can greatly alleviate the demand for oil imports. In the future, the cost of fossil fuels will become higher and higher, and the advantages of new energy will become even greater. It’s becoming more and more obvious.”

As he spoke, Asher added: “To put it bluntly, the old man still hopes to invest in industry. Industry can create more jobs and integrate more labor and resources for packaging. The benefits of upgrading will be greater, and if it can promote the upgrading of the entire industry, that would be even better.”

charlie Wade nodded understandingly and said: “Grandpa’s investment this time put returns second.”

Asher said: “The old man said that for any project, the first consideration is how much substantial help it can bring to China; the second consideration is how much it can improve China’s influence in this field; the third consideration is It is the profit and return of the project.”

charlie Wade nodded lightly. Originally, he hoped that the An family could cooperate with the officials to make Poqing Association afraid, but he did not expect that his grandfather had such a long-term plan.

More than half an hour later, charlie Wade’s red flag car drove into a state guest hotel that was not open to the public. After registering, Asher and Li Yalin took charlie Wade to the villa where Grandpa An Qishan lived.

This state guest hotel mostly consists of small independent villas, where guests can not disturb each other, making it quiet and safer at the same time.


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