The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6515


  charlie Wade’s words made the An family and his son look incredulous.

  An Qishan couldn’t help but said: “The Rothschild family has always set their sights on the top. In their eyes, no company or family in the world can be equal to them. So what if the An family is the second largest family in the United States? Howard When you meet me on weekdays, I am still arrogant and condescending.”

  After that, An Qishan added: “I have known Howard for so many years, and there was only one time when he was polite or even respectful to me. That was when Chen Zhimin died. The time he discussed it with me on the phone, with his character of using people first and not second, he would not feel that he owed me a favor after Chen Zhimin’s matter was resolved safely.”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “This matter There is no need to communicate with Howard, I just arrange for Steve to do it.”

  ”Steve?” Second uncle Homula asked subconsciously: “Is it Howard’s eldest son Steve Rothschild?” “

  Yes. “charlie Wade nodded and smiled: “That’s him.”

  Homula said with a sneer: “That guy Steve is even more F*cked up than me. He uses people to move forward and doesn’t use people to move backward. He picks up the bowl.” Come and eat, put down your chopsticks and scold me.”

  charlie Wade said with a smile: “My second uncle must be talking about Steve in the past. He doesn’t dare to be so arrogant in front of me now. I can send the Sifang Baozhuang back to China this time. I relied on him to personally escort him out of the country, and now he has this pigtail in my hand. If I ask him to do anything, he won’t even dare to fart.”

  After saying that, charlie Wade looked at the time and said, “I guess Ross The Childe family has already finished its internal meeting, so I’ll call him now.”

  When the others heard charlie Wade talking about the Sifang Baozhuang, they immediately realized that charlie Wade had indeed caught it this time. Steve’s destiny.

  charlie Wade dialed the phone and turned on the speaker. Before it rang twice, the call was immediately connected. Then, Steve’s respectful voice came over: “Oh, Mr. Wade, you have returned to China.” “Yes.

  ” charlie Wade said calmly: “I have returned to China. I called you because I wanted to say thank you for your hard work on Sifang Baozhuang.” “

  Oh…” Shi Tiff was so frightened that he trembled and said quickly: “Mr. Wade… let’s not mention those four words on the phone. It’s too sensitive…”

  charlie Wade smiled: “Okay, anyway, I’m just calling Call me to say thank you, and by the way, is your father in good health?”

  Steve on the other end of the phone was so angry that his lungs almost exploded.

  He cursed in his heart: “charlie Wade, charlie Wade, you are not satisfied with killing people and killing people, but you still want to jump out and rub salt on my wounds! Do you still know whether the old man is in good health?”

  Although Steve He was very angry, but he did not dare to make any quarrel with charlie Wade. He could only say respectfully: “Thanks to Mr. Wade’s concern, after Mr. Wade asked the Queen to come and see my father, my father’s body has completely recovered.”

  ”That’s good.” charlie Wade smiled and said: “Steve, I cured your father, do you have some complaints against me in your heart?”

  Steve blurted out hurriedly like a cat whose tail was stepped on: “No! It’s too late for me to be grateful to you, so how can I blame you…”

  charlie Wade asked curiously: “By the way, your father has recovered. Did he pass on the position of clan leader to you as agreed?”

  Steve was extremely depressed, and said in a low voice: “My father did not pass the throne to me, but only confirmed the identity of my first heir.” As he

  said this, Steve couldn’t help feeling depressed, and muttered in a low voice. Said: “Mr. Wade… you really poured a big bucket of ice water on me!”

  charlie Wade no longer followed him, and said straightforwardly: “Steve, we have an old saying in China, God will give you a big task. This man, to avoid suspicion, has toiled his mind, strained his muscles, and starved his body. The purpose of letting you take over the Rothschild family a few years later is to hone your will and, by the way, your abilities. Although I You are not as old as you, but I can see that your personal ability is not enough to lead the entire Rothschild family. You still need your father to train you for a few more years, otherwise the huge foundation of your Rothschild family may not be It will be destroyed by your hands.”

  Steve scolded charlie Wade in his heart, but he could only say bitterly: “Mr. Wade, you are right, I really need to study more and settle down more!”

  charlie Wade He hummed and said lightly: “But don’t be too anxious. If you can’t hone it in a few years, then ten or twenty years will be enough. You don’t have to worry about your old man’s lifespan. I’m keeping him alive for another twenty years, and it’s just a pill, so you still have time to study hard.” When

  Steve heard this, he almost cried in fear.

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