The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6516

  Ten or twenty years?

  If the old man had lived another twenty years, he would have been over seventy!

  More than 70 people have been receiving pensions for ten years, and I haven’t become a full-time employee yet. How can I still live like this?

  However, he did not doubt the authenticity of charlie Wade’s words at all, so he lamented and said: “Mr. Wade, if you need anything from me, just tell me. As long as I can do it, I will do my best…”

  As he spoke, he said in a humble tone: “I admit that I did have some selfish motives and some ulterior and dirty thoughts before, but please don’t worry, from now on, I will never let you down. If Steve Rothschild has the slightest intention of disobeying you or being submissive to you, I will die without a burial place!”

  charlie Wade hummed lightly, then stopped joking with him, and said seriously: ” Steve, since you said so, I really need your help with something.”

  Steve quickly blurted out: “Mr. Wade, please tell me! As long as I can do it, I will do my best. Go! Please give me a chance to share your worries!”

  charlie Wade said: “My grandpa is planning to evacuate all the businesses that can be evacuated from the United States to China, but those real estate and properties that cannot be evacuated from the United States will not be evacuated for a while. There will be no one to take over. As you know, real estate also needs to be well managed and operated to ensure that its value grows steadily. Those physical industries that are difficult to evacuate also need to be strictly controlled by someone to ensure stability and stability and settle down in the United States. There is no general who can take charge of the job alone, so I hope you can help take over these industries and do agency operations.”

  ”Oh…” Steve breathed a sigh of relief and said quickly: “Agency operations are simple, you can ask your grandpa to arrange people. Sort it out, and those that you can’t take away and are unwilling to sell can be handed over to me to operate on your behalf. I will definitely try my best to maintain them.”

  charlie Wade said: “Steve, you can’t do it just by trying your best. You have to Give me a military order. For the real estate I hand over to you, you must at least ensure that I make 10% profit every year. For the business I hand over to you, if it is profitable, you must guarantee an annual growth rate of no less than 10%. ; If it is not profitable, you have to turn it around within a year.”

  ”How much more…?!” Steve was dumbfounded and said subconsciously: “Mr. Wade… the rental-to-sale ratio of high-quality real estate in the United States is about the same now. It’s only about 30. After conversion, the annualized rate of return is only 3-5%. Extremely high-quality projects can’t even reach 10%! And… the companies that cannot be taken away by Anjia must be traditional companies or manufacturing companies. industry, or the traditional service industry. How can these industries now guarantee an annual growth rate of 10%… As for the unprofitable ones, it is even harder to say. Even the Rothschild family has many industries that do not make money or even lose money. , and there are some industries where it is impossible to make money no matter how hard you try. How can I achieve such good operating results for you…”

  charlie Wade said casually: “It’s okay. If you don’t have enough, you can just add it yourself. How big a deal is it? You are now the legitimate first heir of the Rothschild family. What does this little money mean to you?”

  ”I Come to Tian?!” Steve felt his brain was dizzy, and said subconsciously: “Mr. Wade… you don’t do this… you asked me to help with the operation, I am willing to not charge a penny, and I will go all out. I’m here to serve you, but you set such a high performance standard and then asked me to make up the difference. This…isn’t this blackmail?”

  charlie Wade said calmly: “Yes, I’m blackmailing you.”

  With that, charlie Wade Then he said: “Steve, you have to know that I am blackmailing you because I think highly of you and give you a chance to show your sincerity and show your strength. Guess, it’s such a small thing, why don’t I just ask Helena to give it to you?” The old man is calling?”

  charlie Wade asked in return, which made Steve’s heart skip a beat. He subconsciously asked nervously: “Why… why?”

  charlie Wade snorted coldly and said, “If this matter comes to your family, If the old man does it, he will definitely not say anything nonsense. If he does it well and makes me have the urge to cooperate for a long time, maybe I will sell him another pill, but if I have anything in the future, I will contact him. I don’t dare to say anything else. The first thing I can guarantee is that you will definitely go ahead of him in the future. When the time comes, your old man will host your funeral, and you, the first heir, will only have your name.”

  Shi Tiff was suddenly frightened and broke into a cold sweat!

  Ever since Helena sent medicine from Canada to cure Howard, Steve hated charlie Wade like crazy.

  But now, he suddenly realized that charlie Wade had invisibly controlled the fate of his father and himself.

  If he really continued to provide his father with that magical elixir, he might actually die before his father, who was depressed.

  Just when Steve was horrified, charlie said calmly: “Steve, the reason why I leave this matter to you is to give you a chance to see if you are worthy of my continued substantive cooperation. Relationship, if I give you a chance and you fail, then I will put all my bets on your father!”

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