The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6518

  After listening to the conversation between charlie Wade and Steve, the father and son of the An family were all a little unable to recover.

  After a while, An Qishan spoke again: “charlie, in fact, those assets don’t matter. If they don’t work, they can be sold at a discount. It can be regarded as a one-and-done deal. Steve is an arrogant and domineering person. If he is annoyed, maybe he will be annoyed. It will bring you trouble someday.”

  charlie Wade shook his head: “Grandpa, Steve has something in my hands, and he still wants to ask me for help, but he can’t get his mentality and position right, and always wants to rebel. The more such a person is, the more we have to suppress him, torture him, and use up his excessive dignity and sense of superiority before he can be honest.”

  After saying that, charlie Wade added: “This matter is actually a way to polish him. Good opportunity.”

  An Qishan nodded and said: “Howard sent people to clean up the bodies of Chen Zhimin and Uncle Sean. I think they may be targeted by the police in the future. Will they? Through this matter, was it found on your head? And the elixir you asked the Queen of Northern Europe to sell to Howard, will there be any news about it and the police will know about it?”

  charlie Wade said: “I’m not sure about Chen Zhimin’s matter. , but the Sifang Baozhu incident will definitely make Sara pay attention to the Rothschild family, but I think Sara will not act rashly, and there is a high probability that she will arrange some ‘scholars’ to enter the Rothschild family just like she did in the An family. Within the Rothschild family.”

  After saying that, charlie Wade added: “Currently, the only people in the Rothschild family who know about my existence are Steve and his son, and the only ones who know that Howard took the elixir and recovered are Howard and Steve. Husband, son, and several doctors, but Howard will definitely block the news. The outside world doesn’t even know that he has had a stroke, let alone the pill.”

  At this point, charlie Wade paused slightly and continued. : “Whether it is my existence or the existence of the elixir, it can be regarded as the most core confidential information in the Rothschild family. If the Clearing Society wants to know this information, it must first complete the investigation of the Rothschild family.” It has penetrated layer by layer, and I’m afraid it won’t be completed in a while.”

  ”That’s true.” An Qishan nodded and said: “Chen Zhimin and Dong Liqin have been around your aunt and uncle for at least a few years, and they have reached the point of discussing marriage. After that, I allowed them to enter Anjia.”

  charlie Wade was silent for a moment thoughtfully, and then said: “So, it is impossible for Poqing to know my existence in a short period of time, and I don’t need to hide for a long time. Three years, three years at most! Within three years, I will reduce the strength of the Po Qing Association by at least 70%! By that time, the Po Qing Association will no longer be a threat to me.”

  charlie Wade knew very well, Not only is his strength separated from Sara by the Niwan Palace, but also by hundreds of years of Taoism. If he wants to kill her, if he doesn’t have a great opportunity, he may not be able to do it in a few decades.

  From a pessimistic point of view, maybe on the day when Sara dies after 500 years of life, he may still be no match for her.

  However, charlie Wade’s view on this issue has changed now.

  He realized that when dealing with Sara, he should look at the problem as a whole and start from the overall situation instead of just focusing on the strength gap between the two.

  Although Sara is very powerful, she is still a human being and not a god. The reason why she has been able to stay away from Po Qing Hui’s base for decades and continue to expand Po Qing Hui’s strength is almost all thanks to Po Qing Hui’s strength. The Commander-in-Chief of the Fifth Army.

  The Fifth Army Governor’s Mansion develops and cultivates its own forces around the world and continuously expands its comprehensive strength. It may have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dead soldiers and knights under its command. This is the truly terrifying thing about the Qing Dynasty.

  Therefore, charlie Wade felt that as long as he could destroy more than three of the Five Army Governors’ Mansion that broke the Qinghui and rescued those dead soldiers and knightly guards, Sara would lose his right and left hand. If he could kill these dead soldiers and knightly guards, After digesting it, maybe in the future we can directly eradicate all forces outside the Poqinghui base.

  If that day really comes, she, Sara, will have no choice but to huddle on that unknown island in Antarctica and will never have the chance to make a comeback in this life!

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