The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6519

This trip to New York made charlie Wade realize a truth.

  No strong person can remain strong under any circumstances, not even charlie Wade himself, nor Sara.

  When Sara comes to China or New York, she still has to keep a low profile as much as possible.

  What made charlie Wade most emotional was that in the video data he obtained from the Rothschild family, he could clearly see that when Sara was in New York, he could only be trapped on the helicopter numbered n77dt. Cooperated with the Rothschild family’s inspection throughout the process.

  Her proud four-hundred-year cultivation bloodline was suppressed by modern AI models and modern weapons, leaving no room for respite.

  The reason why she was suppressed was because in that environment at that time, she did not have any subordinates at her disposal. If she really wanted to fight hard, she could only take risks with her personal strength.

  Once he can destroy all her power, Sara’s nameless island in Antarctica will become a large n77dt. He can also be like the Rothschild family, forcing her not to dare to take half a step forward. step.

  An Qishan agreed very much with charlie Wade’s point of view, so he asked charlie Wade: “charlie, how much do you know about the external forces of Po Qing Hui now?”

  charlie Wade said truthfully: “The comprehensive strength of Po Qing Hui, except for In addition to the British Lord Sara, there are three elders, four earls and the Fifth Army Governor’s Mansion. At present, the four great earls have been completely eradicated by me. Among the Five Army Governor’s Mansion, a dead soldier station in Cyprus under the Right Army Governor’s Mansion has been destroyed. I eradicated it. In addition, the copper smelting factory located in Turkey, the upper level of the dead soldier station, should have been cut off by the Po Qinghui.”

  An Qishan asked again: “Then do you know that this subordinate of the Right Army Governor’s Mansion , how many dead soldiers are stationed in total?”

  ”I don’t know.” charlie Wade said: “There may be only that one, but there may be many more.”

  After saying that, charlie Wade added: “I haven’t found the right army yet. There are clues about the location of the Dudu’s Mansion. It is said that this Dudu’s Mansion will change its location every once in a while, very cautiously.”

  An Qishan couldn’t help but sigh: “You eradicated a dead soldier’s garrison under the Right Army Dudu’s Mansion, but you still can’t get it. Regarding the actual clues about the Youjun Dudu’s Mansion, it is so difficult for a Dudu’s Mansion. It will probably be very difficult to find these five.”

  charlie Wade nodded: “Currently, the Qing Dynasty will enter the silent stage, and it will be even more difficult to find clues about them. It’s even more difficult, but I believe it won’t take long for this silent state to change. Once they start moving again, they will definitely be able to find clues.”

  Li Yalin on the side suddenly said: “Mr. Wade, why don’t you let me help you investigate? Come on, after all, I have been doing criminal investigation for so many years, and what I am best at is peeling off the cocoons. Since the five military governors of the Po Qinghui actually exist, no matter how careful they are, they will definitely leave clues. I should still be able to It will come in handy.”

  charlie Wade said without thinking: “Inspector Li, you have retired now, and you just escaped from death some time ago, so don’t take such risks. You are already on good terms with my grandpa’s family. , it will definitely be clear when this relationship is cleared, and they will definitely pay attention to your every move.”

  ”It doesn’t matter.” Li Yalin said: “My goal is indeed relatively big, maybe second only to Uncle An’s family, but I can be like Just like in the past when detecting major cases, I set up a team with clear division of labor and asked them to help me with the investigation and platooning and gathering intelligence clues. I directed them at the headquarters base and judged and analyzed all the intelligence and clues. In this way, I could solve the problem. If you know how to do it, you won’t pay attention to me.”

  Asher on the side suddenly said with joy: “charlie, this is a good idea! In the information age, not everything needs to be done by Lao Li himself. As long as he is equipped with some capable hands, If you do things under his command, you will definitely get good results.”

  At this time, Li Yalin was worried that charlie Wade would not let him help, so he said: “Mr. Wade, I have an idea now. If you don’t mind it, I will Just say it and let’s discuss it together.”

  After charlie Wade heard this, he hurriedly said: “Inspector Li, please speak!”

  Li Yalin said seriously: “Through Mr. Wade’s previous introduction, I personally understand that the Fifth Army Commander’s Office is against the enemy. The significance of the Qinghui is equivalent to the five fiefdoms under the ancient emperor. Those in charge of these five fiefdoms are the five princes who broke the internal administrative system of the Qinghui. They established their own economic and military systems in their respective fiefdoms. While making money using various resources and arrangements over the past century, it is secretly raising a large number of dead soldiers to provide troops and a large amount of funds for the Qing Dynasty. Is this probably true? “

  charlie Wade nodded: “That’s right. “

  Li Yalin added: “Although the five military governors each have their own fiefdoms, the concept of this fiefdom only exists within the Po Qinghui. In fact, their so-called fiefdoms are basically sovereign states on all continents in the world. Just like their copper mines in Cyprus and their copper smelters in Turkey, no matter what they do, the first thing they do is to try their best to hide themselves so that the government of the host country will not suspect them. On the head. “

  charlie Wade agreed and said: “Inspector Li is right. “

  Li Yalin smiled slightly, and then said: “Let me talk about the Dead Soldiers Station first. The nature of the Dead Soldiers Station is actually a secret base for a group of illegal armed elements. Moreover, this base is very large, with thousands of people at times. The key is… To be completely hidden in a sovereign country without being discovered, this almost destined them to establish a large-scale enterprise;” “

  Moreover, it cannot be an ordinary large-scale enterprise, it must be a manufacturing or industrial and mining industry that can obtain profits. Enterprises that can acquire large amounts of land, carry out large-scale civil construction, and purchase materials in large quantities without being suspected; “

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