The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6520

  In addition, the industry they are engaged in must also be traditional enough, because only traditional enough can they reduce their Only by raising the threshold of employment can we ensure that it is not taken seriously by outsiders;”

  “If it is an automobile factory with thousands of people, it is considered a medium and large enterprise in any country, and it is also a high-end manufacturing industry. It attracts the attention of the government, media and industry. The temperature will be very high;”

  ”But if it is a mine with thousands of people, as long as there is no major accident, basically no one will pay attention to it;”

  At this point, Li Yalin paused for a moment and continued: “If we If we want to find the residence of dead soldiers under the command of the Right Army Governor in Europe, then we will integrate all the traditional industrial and mining enterprises in Europe, and then use the elimination method to screen;” “

  Among them, European state-owned enterprises or enterprises with European countries’ equity participation, Pass; because the Qingqing Association will definitely not build its own death camp in a state-owned enterprise or an enterprise with state-owned shares;” “

  Enterprises with a scale of less than 300 people, pass; because an enterprise that is too small cannot carry the capacity I just said Those necessary conditions;”

  ”A leading company in the industry with a good reputation, pass; because Poqinghui will definitely not turn its death camp into a star company with high exposure;” “Those who

  have had major safety accidents, pass; pass; because even if there is a major safety incident at the Qingqinghui’s death camp, it will definitely not be known to the outside world;” “

  There have been corporate passes due to tax evasion, environmental pollution, wage arrears, and other illegal activities; Because every dead soldier station may be the result of ten or even decades of hard work by the Qinghui, they will never let companies be punished for these small things. Once every illegal behavior is discovered, it will be a huge loss to them. Huge risk. “

  Having said that, Li Yalin said with some excitement: “After these rounds of screening, the remaining companies should be those that are large enough, but not very famous, and not very profitable, but have relatively stable operations, comply with laws and regulations, and are For an enterprise that has never had any problems and does not have much room for development, it may be possible to reduce the base number of 100,000 to 1,000 or even 100, and the target will be much smaller in an instant;” “

  F*ck!” Asher said excitedly He slapped the table and blurted out: “Okay, you Lao Li! You jumped on the head of the Clearing Committee and solved the case! With this trick, you can complete more than 99% of the filtering in one go, which can save a lot of things. When the time comes, it won’t take too much time to find these 1,800 companies, or even hundreds of companies, and verify them one by one. The goal will be clear at once!”

  charlie Wade couldn’t hold back the excitement in his heart, and praised: “Detective Li The chief is Inspector Li! When you said that, I suddenly became enlightened!”

  After saying that, charlie Wade added: “I think we can add a few more filtering conditions, for example, among these companies, there is no one within a hundred kilometers. You can also pass at the airport. The global mobilization of Po Qinghui’s subordinates requires flexibility. If there is no airport around the dead soldier’s station, it will have a great impact on the mobilization of the dead soldiers;” “

  That’s right!” Li Ya Lin Dao: “Except for North America, the number of airports in Asia and Europe is actually not very large. If this filtering condition is added, the scope is estimated to be further reduced by more than half!”

  charlie Wade thought of something and added: “By the way, still You can screen the recruitment information of the target company. The Death Soldier Station is relatively closed-loop. They should not recruit employees from the outside, so these companies should not release recruitment information to the outside world. Of course, we do not rule out that they will release smoke bombs to the outside world, so this condition It is not suitable for screening, but more suitable for highlighting key suspects. If some of the companies we finally screen out really do not have any recruitment information, then these companies will naturally be more suspicious and can be prioritized for detailed investigation.”

  ”Yes!” Li Yalin also said with some surprise: “Mr. Wade has a strong sense of investigation!”

  charlie Wade said modestly: “Compared with Detective Li, I am just an amateur.”

  After that, charlie Wade said again: “Now that Detective Li has a direction, let’s try to take action and see if there is anything that needs my help and support.”

  Li Yalin nodded and said: “The first stage is mainly information collection, and the second stage The first stage is information selection, and the third stage is on-site investigation.”

  As he spoke, Li Yalin said: “The most difficult part is actually the first stage. There are too many industrial and mining companies around the world. We must first collect all their information one by one. Then we use the elimination method to filter out these databases;” “The

  biggest test in this department is that the collection must be complete enough, otherwise if our target companies slip through the net, All the subsequent screening is in vain!”

  Homula, who is usually responsible for Anjia’s external business, couldn’t help but sigh when he heard this: “This data is absolutely massive. Enterprise information data in some countries may be obtained through connections, but Most countries probably can’t handle it, so we can only find ways to collect it online, and the subsequent screening is also a huge workload. Many of the conditions just listed require manual comparison and verification one by one. Li

  Yalin nodded: “The workload is indeed a bit larger, but after all, it is a direction with opportunities, which is much easier than finding a needle in a haystack in a vast sea of ​​people.”

  An Qishan said grandly at this time: “It doesn’t matter! ” No matter how heavy the workload is, you still have to do it! Let’s spend a billion dollars to prepare for this! “

  charlie Wade suddenly thought of something at this time and said: “Maybe it’s not as troublesome as we thought. “

  Everyone looked at him in unison, wondering what new ideas he had.

  charlie Wade said at this time: “These things can all be done through AI. The current AI information database has been updated to this year, and even a Months ago, in addition to the core secrets of various countries, all content that can be searched on the Internet is stored in the AI ​​information database. As long as we train AI well, inform it of our needs, and let it help us from Just sift through massive amounts of data! 

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