The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6521


  The old man has just recovered from a serious illness and doesn’t know much about AI. However, Asher and Homula are relatively young and have a very in-depth understanding of the trends in various industries around the world. Li Yalin was born as Inspector Li Yalin and has high-tech knowledge. He has also been exposed to a lot of things, and he also knows something about AI.

  When they heard that charlie Wade was planning to use AI technology to screen out the locations of dead soldiers from the Qing Society, the three of them felt that although the direction was feasible, they all felt that it would be very difficult to implement.

  Homula, who is familiar with the business landscape of the United States, said subconsciously: “Now this technology is almost entirely concentrated in the hands of American companies. Although other countries also want to catch up, the generation gap is really too big. These countries have I want to build my own AI model, but it is too difficult to actually operate it. Just like the chip industry, it cannot be built by just doing it. Moreover, Anjia’s current industrial layout does not cover the AI ​​part. What should we do? What about using AI? We can’t inform the AI ​​company of these needs and let them calculate it for us, right?”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “There is one thing that I haven’t kept up with you yet. Howard Rothschild has agreed to build a building for the Nordic royal family. A complete set of AI models, and the Nordic royal family only holds them in trust. The real owner of this set of AI models is me. I will inform Helena and ask him to urge the Rothschild family to build the AI ​​models as soon as possible. Once After the construction and debugging is completed, I can train it to do things for me. At that time, I will let it focus all its computing power on this matter.”

  Li Yalin’s eyes were full of excitement, and he couldn’t help but said: “Ye Sir, after this AI model is built, please give me a permission and I will try to train it to conduct global screening work!” “

  No problem.” charlie Wade agreed without hesitation and said : “After returning to Aurous Hill, I asked someone to clear out a vacant room in the mountainside villa in Champs-Élysées Hot Spring and set up a workstation there. The control of the Nordic AI model fell on this workstation. Detective Li The leader can complete this work there.”

  ”Great!” Li Yalin was overjoyed and said, “It would be great if Mr. Wade could select some computer engineers from Wanlong Palace. I can build such a huge AI model by myself. I’m afraid it won’t work. If Wanlong Palace can have a group of professionals familiar with me and get along well with each other, maybe Wanlong Palace will be able to cultivate a professional team that understands both AI and criminal investigation in the future!”

  charlie Wade listened. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud, took the initiative to shake hands with Li Yalin and said: “What Inspector Li said is exactly what I am thinking! In the future, this set of AI models is planned to be operated and trained by Wanlong Palace, using this top-notch set of The AI ​​model, combined with the communication satellites and encrypted communication technology being developed by Wanlongdian, will definitely be of great use in the future!”

  Homula said excitedly: “Great! This is not a sleepy moment. Someone gave me a pillow. I was dozing off, and someone gave me an entire five-star hotel!”

  After saying that, he couldn’t help but sigh: “charlie! Your trip to the United States was really worth it! The entire Rothschild family has been given to you by you. Get it! Who would have thought that the Rothschild family, which has dominated Europe, America and even the world for hundreds of years, would be so passive in front of you.”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “This is due to selfish desires. Even the Rothschild family It is unavoidable that everyone has different selfish desires. What’s more, the Rothschild family has now lost its four-square treasure house. According to common sense,

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