The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6522

their fortune should have gone down and gradually become passive. This is also a natural law. .”

 ”Okay, okay!” An Qishan couldn’t hide his excitement and said hello, and then looked at charlie Wade and said: “charlie, grandpa very much agrees with your current thinking. Don’t go to meet the British leader in Poqing too early. And when their elders face each other, they should make good use of their advantage in the dark, first eliminate the opponent’s vitality, and while consuming the opponent, they will strengthen themselves. We must keep in mind the great man’s 16-character tactic, “When the enemy advances, we retreat; when the enemy is stationed, we harass.” “When the enemy is tired, I fight, and when the enemy retreats, I pursue you.” Once the balance of victory begins to tilt towards you, you can throw off your arms and fight them decisively! At that time, Anjia will definitely use all its financial resources and manpower to help you win this battle. !”

  After saying that, An Qishan shook his head again and said firmly: “I’m not helping you, I’m helping us, to help us win this battle together!”

  Seeing his grandfather’s determination, charlie Wade couldn’t help but be moved in his heart. He is an octogenarian, but he is still willing to bet everything with him. Naturally, he cannot let him down, let alone let him lose the bet!

  So, he said with a resolute expression: “Grandpa, don’t worry, I will do my best to eradicate the Poqing Society completely!” …


  a conversation, charlie Wade felt excited. Seeing that it was late at night, Grandpa should have been here long ago. Take a rest, so charlie Wade said to a few people: “It’s getting late, grandpa, please go to bed early. My uncle, second uncle, and Inspector Li have worked hard to accompany grandpa to implement all the investment matters. I will go back to Aurous Hill first.” Now.”

  An Qishan asked in surprise: “charlie, are you leaving now?”

  ”Yes.” charlie Wade said, “I have a lot of things to do when I go back, so I won’t stay here any longer.”

  An Qishan said, “Trouble. It will take more than ten hours to get back. At least get some sleep before leaving early tomorrow morning.”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “It’s already past two o’clock. I’m rushing to the airport now. It will be almost dawn when I fly to Aurous Hill, so I’ll sleep here. , it may not be until noon tomorrow before returning to Aurous Hill.”

  ”Yes.” An Qishan knew that charlie Wade was unusual and did not need enough sleep like ordinary people, so he nodded and said: “Since you have made arrangements, Then follow your own arrangements.”

  charlie Wade nodded, and Li Yalin on the side said: “Mr. Wade, let me take you to the airport.”

  charlie Wade declined politely: “It’s too late, Inspector Li doesn’t have to Please prepare a car for me and I can go there by myself.”

  After saying that, without waiting for him to insist, charlie Wade added: “In the next few days, I will urge Rothschild to put the AI ​​model on the market as soon as possible. Li The detective has been recharging his energy recently. Once the AI ​​model starts to be officially launched, the days to come will be very busy.”

  ”Okay!” Li Yalin said no more and said without hesitation: “Li is waiting for you at any time. Sir, dispatch!”

  Ten minutes later.

  charlie Wade was escorted by the four of them to the door of the villa. Asher gave charlie Wade the key to the Asher car. Then charlie Wade drove to the airport alone, and at the same time asked the Wade family’s special plane to be arranged at Yanjing Airport. Prepare.

  On the way to the airport, Marven called Helena.

  As soon as the phone call came through, charlie Wade said to Helena: “Helena, regarding the AI ​​model, you have to hurry up and urge Howard to get him as soon as possible.”

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