The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6523

  Helena said hurriedly: “Okay, Mr. Wade, I’ll give it to you right away.” He made a call.”

  After saying that, Helena asked again: “Mr. Wade, have you read the technology news? The AI ​​company controlled by the Rothschild family has just completed a new upgrade and is now in the European and American technology circles. It’s caused a sensation here!”

 ”Really?” charlie Wade asked curiously: “What new functions have been upgraded?”

  Helena said: “I took a look and the major new function upgraded is video generation. Now they have opened up the computing power to enterprise users. , it already supports the generation of an AI video of about sixty seconds through specified text. Although the video effect is not as fake as real, it is still better than many animation effects that cost a lot of money to use virtual engine 3D modeling. A big chunk, very powerful.”

  charlie Wade suddenly thought of what Lin Waner (Alani) had just said to him when he was in the United States two days ago.

  At that time, this AI model had not been officially upgraded, but Lin Waner (Alani) praised the AI ​​model and predicted that the future advanced functions of this AI model would definitely be pictures and videos. Lin Waner (Alani) even predicted that in the future, as long as With just a script, it can directly generate a video. Just a few days later, the prophecy has come true? /

  Thinking of this, charlie Wade quickly asked: “Since it already has the function of generating videos through text, why can it only generate one-minute videos? It stands to reason that it has achieved a leap from nothing to something, even if the duration is extended to One hour, or even several hours, should be no problem, right?”

  Helena said: “Well, I think the explanation given by the European and American technology media is that although this AI model has strong computing power, it cannot face hundreds of When there are thousands or even tens of millions of enterprise-level users, the computing power will be greatly dispersed, so they will limit the available computing power for ordinary users when using this AI. It probably means that it is like a nuclear power plant, although the power generation is large. , but once it is used by hundreds of millions of people, the capacity that each person can allocate is limited.”

  After saying that, Helena added: “However, when the exact same model is built in Northern Europe, All the computing power will serve you alone. By that time, I believe that even generating a hundred hours of video will not be a problem.”

  charlie Wade sighed with emotion: “I didn’t expect that in just one or two years, the development of AI will have already It’s faster than you can imagine. If you wait a few more years, you still don’t know what level it will advance to.”

  Helena agreed and said: “Your decision to let Howard Rothschild build an AI model for you is really a stroke of genius. , this model will only become more powerful in the future.”

  After saying that, Helena added: “By the way, NVIDIA’s stock price has risen a lot this time, and the Rothschild family is the biggest winner.”

  charlie Wade also said I believe that in the future, AI can bring about earth-shaking changes in the basic logic of many industries. It is an absolute industry disruptor, and its own value will definitely become higher and higher.

  In addition, he was even more grateful that he had obtained this top-notch AI model in advance. Although it could not be used commercially, it was of great significance to him.

  With this set of AI models in hand, the strength gap between himself and Po Qinghui will definitely be greatly reduced, and it may even be the key to reversing the balance!

charlie Wade, who was excited, knew very well that this magical stroke was not his own, but Lin Wan’er’s.

  When he thought of this, he felt extremely grateful to Lin Wan’er.

  If it weren’t for her reminder, how could he have thought of extorting an AI model from Howard?

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