The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6524

  After all, his original purpose was just to use the elixir to capture Howard and Steve, the father and son.

  As for the money from the sale of the elixir, he just wanted to use it as a favor to Helena. On the one hand, it would be regarded as her reward, and on the other hand, it would be used to help the Nordic royal family improve their own strength.

  But looking at it now, this set of unintentional AI models may be my biggest gain from this trip to the United States!

  So, charlie Wade immediately said to Helena: “Helena, find a way to urge Howard to speed up. If he can complete this set of AI models in the shortest possible time, I will give him the right to purchase half an additional pill. , as long as the AI ​​model is launched as soon as possible, he can pay at any time and get it at any time.”

  Hearing this, Helena couldn’t help laughing and said: “Mr. Wade, with your words, I guess Howard can also work hard at his age. He will risk his life and do it himself.”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “What I want is for him to do it with all his strength, and the faster the better!”

  ”No problem.” Helena said: “Then I will contact him right now.”

  At this time It’s afternoon in Canada.

  Helena has concluded her last public event with Canadian officials. After attending the government dinner tonight, she will return to Northern Europe early tomorrow morning.

  All told, she still had more than ten hours left in Canada.

  After hanging up charlie Wade’s call, the first thing Helena did was to call Howard Rothschild immediately.

  At the moment, Howard is preparing to convene a conference of unprecedented scale. Not only will all members of the Rothschild family attend this meeting, but all collateral families related to the Rothschild family have also been notified to attend. .

  Howard, who has regained his health, can’t wait to show everyone his healthy body, strong energy, and determination to lead the Rothschild family to greater glory, further consolidating his unshakable position as the patriarch of the Rothschild family. .

  Shortly before the meeting, Howard received a call from Helena.

  He quickly asked his subordinates to inform him to postpone the meeting for ten minutes, then came to the absolutely safe room and answered Helena’s phone.

  As soon as the phone call came through, he said very respectfully: “Good afternoon, Your Majesty the Queen!”

  Helena also smiled and said: “Good afternoon, Mr. Rothschild, I wonder if I am disturbing you by calling now?

  ” No!” Howard said politely: “No interruption at all! Her Majesty the Queen, did you call me for any instructions?”

  Helena said: “I want to congratulate Mr. Rothschild. The latest upgrade of the AI ​​​​model has caused a great shock. It seems to have the potential to subvert the current Internet technology landscape! In the future, the Rothschild family will receive very generous profits from both the AI ​​​​model itself and NVIDIA’s stock price. The reward is really gratifying and amazing!”

  Howard said with a smile: “Thank you Her Majesty the Queen for your affirmation. I never thought that an AI technology could have such a big influence!”

  Helena added: “By the way, Mr. Rothschild, regarding the AI ​​model that has been launched in Northern Europe, I hope that Mr. Rothschild can speed up the process so that this model can be launched in Northern Europe and officially run as soon as possible.” Howard

  said cheerfully He agreed and said: “Your Majesty, please rest assured. I have been paying close attention to this matter. I have already given instructions for them to start preparing the hardware. The team responsible for building the cloud center is ready to go to Northern Europe to select a location. Everything is progressing in an orderly manner, so you can rest assured.”

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